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To: [ramssssssssssssssssssey]
From: [bartoooooooooooooooooooo]
Subject: translation favor
Attachment: omgwtfbbqpolarbear.mp4

Okay, so long story short, that woman we went after today opened a portal to a weird storage place. T says Lyton called it 'Avalon,' so that's a thing. While we were in there, I started recording audio on my phone, which turned out to be good, cause Lyton woke up some dude. He looked kinda old school ragged and obviously didn't speak any English. I've attached the audio -- think you can get me a translation back soonish?

There's vodak for you at the end of the translation tunnel.
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To: [jubilee], [marie-ange], [doug], [emma], [gabriel], [north], [artie]
From: [toil and trouble]

Subject: Incoming.


Just got word from Topaz that there's a new resident - Betsy Braddock. Topaz picked up something from her that may or may not be Kwannon-ish. It's something to keep in mind, any way. She's come with the Professor's blessing, so I may be jumping the gun. Still, be prepared and all that bollocks.


P.S.: Dibs on not being the one to tell Haller. That's just way too much drama for me.
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From: Abbott, Hope
To: Storm, Sue; Bowen, Tandy; Keller, Julian; Worthington, Warren; Ramsey, Doug; Frost Emma 

Hi everyone, 

I wish to thank you all for your advice and recommendations in sorting out how I could get my new apartment in an LLC and engaging knowledgeable professionals. The LLC was officially registered last Wednesday and my first tenant is moving in tomorrow.  

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 From: Abbott, Hope
To: Storm, Sue; Bowen, Tandy; Keller, Julian; Worthington, Warren; Ramsey, Doug

Hi everyone, 

Yesterday evening I came into the possession of a lovely apartment in the Upper East Side. Starting in September or so I hope to rent it out, but before I can do that I need a reputable real estate attorney, accountant and a property management firm. Among the things I want to do is create an LLC. I was wondering if you had any suggestions. 

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[1/3] Things are wrapping up here. I hope you appreciate this.
[2/3] We had just found the most amazing dress when you called.
[3/3] We will hold you to our deal. 


May. 12th, 2018 11:39 am
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 From: Abbott, Hope 
To: Topaz; Bowen, Tandy; Ramsey, Doug; Keller, Julian 
Subject: Invitation to champagne brunch

Hi everyone, 

I will be celebrating my 21st birthday on the 18th and therefore I would like to invite you to join me for a champagne brunch on May 20 at noon at the Blue Lounge in Manhattan. There will be champagne, mimosa's and a variety of delicious dishes.

Please let me know if you will be joining us. 

Hope Abbott  

Txt to Doug

Apr. 7th, 2018 09:29 pm
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1/4 Hi. It's me, your front desk girl. Clea. I have a small favor.

2/4 While we were in the game, there was a girl named Gracie that we teamed up way in the beginning of it all. I caught bits of her gamertag, lilcookiemunster. And something with numbers at the end.

3/4 Can you find her for me? An email would be fine. I am worried. Her entire party died, including her boyfriend. I can't stop thinking about her since we got out of the game.

4/4 Please.

TXT to Doug

Apr. 7th, 2018 08:16 pm
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[1/3] Talk to me about what's happening at the Predator X thing.
[2/3] That breaking news story just said 'malicious malfunction' and what the hell does that even mean?
[3/3] Do I need to go kill some people? Cause I feel like I do. 'Trapped in game.' What even.
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[1/4] Did Amanda's lakey protege actually accept the job offer?
[2/4] If so, what're her powers? Does she have anything offensive?
[3/4] Cause if not, we need to rethink security at the front.
[4/4] I'm thinking something poison darts. Panic button.
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From: Abbott, Hope 
To: Colbert, Marie-Ange; Ramsey, Doug 
Subject: Really???

So... I went to my first class this morning from the course you gave me... was not quite sure what to expect, but I did not think you would sign me up for a BURLESQUE class!?!?! I looked like an idiot this morning... 

Though on second hand, I should have guessed *facepalms* 


PS. I do love the card for a spa day.  
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To [the old crowd]
Subject  [i goddamn quit]
Attached  [mansion security footage]

Remy. Is back. The new improved version. 

Fuck this shit.
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Group Message

(1/2)I have successfully risen the dead, I need a vacation.
(2/2)When is our schedule free? I am done with all of this drama.
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To: [Colbert, M.], [Ramsey, D]
Subject: URGENT

Get down to Snow Valley offices ASAP, bring others. Not anyone close to Quentin. I blew out a wall to get Stephen and Illyana out.

It's bad. Bring ... just bring a container. It's as bad as that sounds. Will explain in person - danger has probably passed but not letting these two out of my sight for a while.
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From: Abbott, Hope
To: Ramsey, Doug
Subject: Your bot program

Hi Doug,

I was using your bot program today to dig across the web for documents with certain search words and it worked really well. I was also quite astonished me what things are floating around out there... for the person I was investigating I found a half finished autobiography and various documents of a previous employer. I still need to gather all the information for both documents and then verify it, but still...

It made me think though, could we plan an appointment and do some checking what there is out there about me and clean it up a bit if needed?


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To: [artie], [doug], [emma], [gabriel], [jubilee], [marie-ange], [rogue]
From: [amanda]

Subject: Parker Matthews

I did some poking around among the magical community and looked into Matthews' history. I wasn't expecting anything, so of course I found something. Apparently our lad had a couple of friends in magical circles - nothing big, just dabblers on the edge mostly. They haven't been heard from for a while, tho', which is never good. I'll keep looking, see what I turn up.


Email to XF

Sep. 7th, 2017 09:38 am
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To: [Marie-Ange] [Doug] [Amanda] [Jubilee] [Artie] [Emma] [Gabriel]
From: Rogue
Subject: Satan lives

Hey guys,

I wasn't sure if I should pass this forward, but I think I can't sit on it. I'll be blunt: Jean is dating Parker Matthews.

Now, to be honest, nothing she has SAID leads me to believe he's the 'same' and I really hate to think the worst based on past stuff....but I need to tell someone so those lucky someones are you.

I also have no idea what else to tell you. He's still super cute?
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To: [Colbert, Marie-Ange],[Ramsey,Doug],[Wilson, Wade]

Subject: [Please meet me in the suite Doug and I share.

There are things that need to be discussed, and I would like if you could all meet me as soon as you are able to.

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So, I appear to be a giant bruise. Garrison wasn't kidding. One of you up for keeping me company as I hopefully soak my muscles enough to be able to move my arm tomorrow?


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