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to: [Dane, Lorna]
from: [LeBeau, Remy]

I'm going to be back in New York by this evening. There's, well, a new job that I'm considering taking that might have me around more. I thought you should know.

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To: [team london]
From: [local colour]

Subject: Relocating.

Pack your bags, folks, we're for the Lancashire train in the morning. Seems we've stumbled onto something bigger than Pete's happy with.

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To: [trenchcoat brigade]
From: [research-R-us]

Subject: Update. )
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to: [Wisdom, Pete], [Sefton, Amanda]
from: [LeBeau, Remy]
subject: We hit paydirt.

Betsy and I have some good news. We ended up keeping an eye on some of Romany's friends, and caught two people doing their best to kidnap him. These guys were trained professionals. Psychic shields, resistance to mind control. Fortunately, we were able to 'persuade' them into giving us some details.

I've got an iPod on route to you guys. Other than what appears to be the best hits of 60s Welsh radio, it's got a ton of files that are supposed to look like music files until you realise they're about twenty times the size. Betsy tried to open them, but just got garbage. They must be encrypted.

There's more. According to the guys we caught, they pull some of the files off of some subpage on the BBC website. Either they've got pretty solid hacker backup, or there might be involvement from someone in the government. We're going to keep digging around up here, see if we can't shake something else loose.

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So, I'll be staying in and around London for the next week or so. We all know it's been a trying time for many. But, I was wondering how would you two feel about taking a break and making a bonified visit?


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To: NDayspring@xaviers.ny.edu
From: toilandtrouble@yahoo.co.uk

Subject: So I finally was allowed to open your parcel... )
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To: M.MacTaggart@xaviers.ny.edu
CC: C.Connors@mirf.co.uk

From: toilandtrouble@yahoo.co.uk

Subject: There's no place like home... )


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