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To: [you]
From: [me]

Subject: Work trip

Looks like I'll be taking off to India tonight. Don't work too hard and remember to eat, 'kay?

Also... if any of the kids that went on that Red X thing to Sri Lanka are 'yours', you might want to keep an extra eye on them. The reports of what they saw there are pretty rough reading.

Love you,

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to: [Charlesx@xavierinstitute.org]

Professor Xavier,

The Red Cross received a call today from the Sri Lankan government, demanding that the Red-X volunteers were to be removed from Sri Lanka today, or they would halt all Red Cross activity in the country as allied with the Tigers and ban any attempts at further humanitarian aid to the region. Dr. Vasco DiAlvito called me to say that they can't risk the camps being shut down, and your Red-X members were escourted by Indian 'peacekeepers' to the airfield several hours ago. They were transfered to a British Airways flight to London, and from there, I've arranged for a connection to New York. I've sent the flight details to you attached.

I'm sorry that they got caught up in this, but if the Red Cross reports about a possible genocide are right, they're lucky to be getting out safely. We've got a couple of people who'd like to talk to them if it's alright with them and you, and I'd imagine Amnesty International and a number of news and aid groups will be calling looking for an official response from Red-X about the situation in Sri Lanka.

Dr. DiAlvito also asked to pass along his deepest regrets about what's happened, and to stress that even over a few days, your people made the difference in saving hundreds of lives. For that, you've got the thanks of the Canadian government as well. Your people did very well, Professor, and they're on the way home.

--Mac Hudson
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from: [James Hudson]
to: [Red-X Contact]

Good afternoon,

I know you're all getting ready for your flight to Sri Lanka, but there was a major explosion in Toronto this morning, and the two technicians who were supposed to arrive in Sri Lanka to set up the water purification system have been asked to work with the Toronto fire department to neutralize the situation.

Unfortunately, it will be several days before they will be available, and the window for your unit will have passed. Normally I'd have no issues sending you down to Sri Lanka with an established system, but because it's brand new, I'm not sure whether or not it's fair expect you to try and set it up without an experienced technician there.

My apologies for this.

Dr. J. Hudson
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from: [rmacdonald@candsrh.gov]
to: [Red-X Contact]

Mac Hudson was nice enough to set me up with a private email account here at the office at Department H. I would have used my regular account, but then I have to have a meeting with the Honourable Minister McKay about it, and Peter and I usually end up talking about cod fisheries and why you can't find really good fish and chips in Montreal, which is a real failing of my city. Can you imagine it? You can find the most remarkable seafood of all types, fresh right from the Maritimes, and yet for a proper fish and chip dinner, you need to travel to Kingston or Port Colbourne, or all the way down to Toronto for it. It fascinates me that Montreal hasn't addressed this need.

Dr Hudson and his team have been working on a new updated version of our normal water purification system which we deploy with DART in emergency situations. The Red Cross has cited access to clean water as the single greatest challenge they face in expanding operations in disaster relief areas and third world relief operations. James new system is built to be simple to install, uses components that are either accessible all over the world or can be fabricated using low tech methods, and is easy to repair. Obviously, this kind of simply engineered technology represents a large humanitarian boost to the world.

In discussion with the Red Cross, we've come to the decision that Red-X should be the group who is involved in the unveiling of the new system; 'our newest volunteers with our newest solutions for the world', that sort of thing. Professor Xavier has already voiced his approval. We have a team departing for Sri Lanka on the 10th, and Xavier has given the approval for Red-X to accompany them for a week of hands on field experience in a Red Cross camp in Northern Sri Lanka, west of Mankulam. During that time, with our technicians, they will install the newest water purification system and run it through a series of tests to make sure it works.

Whomever the field leader is chosen for this exercise, you should get your team familiarized with the specifications of the system, which Heather has assured me are attached with this email. I'm not sure how that is supposed to work, but she claims to understand it, and she is very good at this whole computer thing, I'm sure. It is quite remarkable. Did you know there's a 'wiki' thing out there with me on it? They call me 'Mutie Bob', even though I've never even been to Hawaii. Remarkable!

Bonne chance Red-X! I know you'll make us all proud.

The Honourable Minister Robert G. MacDonald
Under-Minister of National Defense, Special Projects


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