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(1/3) Thank you for your help with my attire, the wedding has been very enjoyable.
(2/3) It's difficult to explain but there was a murder at the venue prior to the wedding that threatened to disrupt it. Quentin and I managed to apprehend the culprit and turn him over to the police before the nuptials, however.
(3/3) Here's a picture of Quentin in the wedding party - I think he looks quite dashing.

[120118113.jpg attached]
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(1/6) Quentin has just invited me to accompany him to his cousin's wedding in a few week's time.
(2/6) It will be difficult to clear my experiments but I would very much like to attend so I will endeavour to do so.
(3/6) However, there is a slight issue - the dress code is suit and tie. My current suit was bought at the Burlington Coat Factor Big & Tall section.
(4/6) I have a feeling its quality leaves something to be desired to those who know anything about fashion. Quentin is one of those people.
(5/6) I'd prefer not to embarrass him in front of his family - or myself in front of him.
(6/6) All of which is a long-winded way of asking if you will help me find something suitable to wear. I have seen what you have picked out for Reed and know you have excellent taste.
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(1/2) My parents are forcing me to attend a family wedding in a couple weeks. Blackmailing me, even.
(2/2) Come with me and help me keep my sanity, I beg you. I cannot survive this alone.


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