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Happy birthday, Jake. Drinks on me where I'm back on my feet. - A.
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A birthday card and a box of four cupcakes (Cheatin' with Chocolate, Pure Bliss, Candy Store Salted Caramel, and SoHo Strawberry) were delivered to the Brownstone addressed to Jake.

Inside the card reads:
Thought this would be better than doughnuts.
Happy Birthday,
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To: [Gavin, Jake]
From: [Beaubier, Jean-Paul]
Subject: Are you alive?

The last time I saw you, people were trying to ambush you on the street and I have heard nothing from you since. I thought I would check to make sure you were still alive, as the subject says.

Oui, and so. Are you?

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To: [Wanda]
From: [Jake]
Sent: Tuesday, June 1, 4:23 PM
Subject: re: You

You had better throw dinner in with those drinks. And maybe a show...

I hear you have keys for me?
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To: [Jake]
From: [Wanda]
Subject: You


Well, darling, I think you knew this was coming eventually. Remy's got your number and dearly wishes to see your pretty face again. And sooner the better.


PS: Drinks are on me if you come in.
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I know it looks like I'm just being a dick, but it's really that I'd prefer not to have to change the bandages on your skin grafts for the next few months.
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new def of awkward-sitting btw jean-paul and crazy sister @ movie. dont you dare say anything about karma.
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From: Frost, Emma
To: Gavin, Jacob Jr.


I do not need to punish you any more than you are already punishing yourself. But nor do I wish to have to carve It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time on your headstone. Don't place your trust where it is not deserved. Don't put your colleagues in danger. Don't do it again. Learn. Move on.

In your current melancholic state, I doubt you wish to avail yourself of a willing ear, but if you do, my door is always open.

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To: [He without Balls]
From: [Totally Awesome]
Subj: Stuff.

No sleep and no beer make Cammie something something...

Yeah, I make sense. If you're not busy with 'spy stuff' you're taking me out today. Not spending it inside, that's for sure.

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To: [Supa Sekrit giver]

From: [Painfully discreet]

Subject: Why, damn you, why? )
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To: [Wrong Side of the Law]
From: [Keyless Joe Jackson]
Subj: That pesky record


I spoke to Bishop today; he dug up warrants in Houston and Chicago with your name on them. According to him, all you need to do is show up, go in front of a judge and do some community service and they'll be cleared and sealed. Sounds pretty straightforward, and he thinks the community service can be done through Snow Valley or Xavier's.

Also, I'll be by the mansion tomorrow afternoon. Can I pick up my keys then?

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There's a microSD card on your desk in case you feel like blackmailing anyone from last night. Those are the pictures from Cammie's phone. All I ask is that you show me some mercy if you do decide to use them against us.

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Realize it's Illyana's journal. I don't take it seriously so I hope u don't either.

Pick me up for this trainwreck and I will feed ur sweet tooth 4 a month.
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Not making a scene but me + Jennie = really bad shite. Better this way. Nice night for a walk any way. A.
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[To: Punchable]
[From: Likes to Hit You]
[Subject: Beer is good, and Stuff]

Hey. I'm bored. Let's go pretend I can get drunk. Too much math in one day will kill me, so this is totally a matter of life or death.




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