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I hate to ask, but I need a favour. The venue I had hoped to use for the upcoming play has fallen through - could you possibly ask among your friends in the city to see if anyone knows a suitable place?

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To: Nathan Dayspring
From: Leo Samson

Good morning! Happy birthday--you are now another step closer to 45. How's the view from these high heights?

All teasing aside--I do wish you a happy birthday, with fervent hopes that it is a calm and placid one. I do hope as well that there aren't too many April Fool's pranks today--at least not any mean-spirited ones.

I'll try to drop by sometime tonight to say hello, I picked up something at Strand I thought you might enjoy.

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To: David Haller
From: Leo Samson

Subject: Is it a full moon?

Really, between the crisis at the clinic today (not mine, one of Dante's clients), and this war on the journals, I halfway expect some kind of celestial event to be occurring. (If I believed in such things.)

I'd suggest we need to have all the students watch Mean Girls and talk things through if it weren't for the fact that it's not just the girls and not just the students!

Aside from the current brouhahas on the journals, any other altercations at the mansion today? Did Emse and Phoebe called a halt to their little cold war?

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To: [Yvette Petrovic]
From: [Leo Samson]

Subject: Assistance

Good afternoon, Yvette. I have been working with a young girl at Salem Center Counseling Services who is having a rather difficult time right now. She has been a mutant since birth, manifesting a blue aura when her emotions are high, but now is currently exhibiting a low-level electrical field as well, which shocks any organic matter she comes in contact with. As you can imagine, it's been very difficult for her, and she's been requested to level her school and receive home tutoring. She's very sad and very upset, and Professor Xavier suggested it might be helpful for her to talk to someone who's been through this type of experience.

Would you be willing to meet with her and her mother? Talk with them a little about the difficulties you have had, but also allow her to see that it's possible to still have a life with a difficult mutation.

Please let me know if you'd be able to help, and we can discuss more of the specifics.

take care,
Dr. Samson
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To:[Sefton, Amanda]
CC: [Espinosa , Angelo]
From: [de la Rocha, Manuel]
Subject: Papers )


To: [Collins, Laurie]
From: [de la Rocha, Manuel]
Subject: The professor )


To: [Samson, Leonard]
From: [de la Rocha, Manuel]
Subject: Valentia de la Rocha )


To: [Moonstar, Danielle]
From: [de la Rocha, Manuel]
Subject: Return? )
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To: Charles
From: Leo

Subject: Sand tray


I understand that we have a new resident in the mansion, and I was wondering if I might take this opportunity to bring in a new piece of equipment, just in case it's needed. My colleague Frank recently bought a new sand tray and has offered me his old one. Except...I don't really have the space in my office at the clinic anymore (The SH warehouse just had another sale. I went a little wild.), and I don't think the sand and carpeting in my office would mix well.

Is there somewhere else I could put it?

I promise to operate it solely for therapeutic use.

Mostly. I do have to try it out after all.

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To: [Kevin Ford]
From: [Leo Samson]
Subject: [West Coast Annex]


I wanted to let you know that I've spoken with Charles, and with the Annex. Charles is in favor and agrees that a move might be helpful for you, and the Annex is looking forward to having a new person around.

Talk to Charles this week and he'll explain the details--please feel free to ask me any questions.

I'm hopeful that this is a good move forward.

take care,
Leo Samson
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to: [Kane, Garrison]
from: [Samson, Leo]
subject: Contacts


I assume you're going to be involved in the situation in India. I have a few contacts in Pakistan that might be useful to you--if there's anyway I can help, let me know.

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To: [Samson, Leonard], [Munroe, Ororo], [Summers, Scott]
From: [D'Ancato, Marie]
Subject: Kyle )
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From: empath@cox.ny.net
To: [Charles], [Leonard]
Subject: Schedule changes.


I've enclosed a copy of my new schedule for the foreseeable future. We're going to need to shift around some of our sessions to accomodate. Until I have the chance to become truly mobile on my own, our previous arrangements will remain in force.


PS - Charles, in about a month's time I will expect to meet with you to discuss matters financial and the abolishment of any debts between us.
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To: [Alison]
From: [Lorna]
Subject: I can't explain. )

To: [Forge]
From [Lorna]
Subject: Florida )

To: [Cyclops], [Storm], [Dazzler]
From: [Dane, Lorna]
Subject: What he knows. )

To: [Professor Xavier]
From: [Dane, Lorna]
Subject: Meeting )

To: [Samson, Leonard]
From: [Dane, Lorna]
Subject: Your help. )

Mass Email

May. 24th, 2005 07:56 pm
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From: de Guzeman, Manuel
To: Sefton, Amanda; Pryde, Katherine; Colbert, Marie-Ange; Moonstar, Danielle; Summers, Alex;
CC: Xavier, Charles; Samson, Leonard
Importance: HIGH
Subject: I have a problem

Body of the email )
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to: Summers, Scott; Samson, Leonard; MacTaggart, Moira; Dayspring, Nathan
from: Beaubier, Jean-Paul
subject: Marie-Ange Colbert
Read more... )


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