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To: [Blaire, Alison]
From: [Rasputin, Illyana]
Subject: So.

The scars. Were you planning on telling anyone, or were you just assuming they were natural? Because thrilled as we all are that you survived your close brush with death, those aren't necessarily safe. For one thing, they could be infected with magical poison that will one day spread and kill you and your loved ones instantly. They could be lying in wait to become sentient demonic creatures, at which time they will kill you and your loved ones. They could be in need of an exorcism, which I at this juncture refuse to rule out.

In other words, I would like to make sure that those things didn't happen. Thanks.

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To: [illyana]
From: [amanda]

Subject: WHAT DID WE DO?

Alison just dropped by. In a backless shirt. Which just happened to show, oh, some scars. Long and black and not at all natural scars!

What did we do?

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to: [Xavier, Charles], [Summers, Scott]
from: [LeBeau, Remy]
subject: Sabretooth

Been in New York for the better part of the last week. If Sabretooth is still operating here, I can't find him. My best guess is that he likely skipped town when Summers alerted the NYPD to his presence. Jake and Betsy are still keeping an eye on the usual routes, but on the run, Creed really isn't the 'false passport out of LeGuardia' type.

No clue what he was doing in New York either. Possibly looking for fun, or doing some scouting for Magneto. Considering that none of the hospitals have reported any 'wild animal' attacks, I'm betting that he was focusing on something. Creed's fun tends to leave bodies behind as evidence.

Looks like you got lucky, Summers, and spotted him before he could do any damage. To bad we couldn't caught up with him. Salope still owes me from the ninties. I'll be back at the mansion later today for the briefing, Professor.

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From: al-Rashid, Haroun
To: Marko, Cain
Subject: Bathroom in my suite.


Alison had a bad reaction. Bathroom is pretty much destroyed. No structural damage as far as I can tell. Contained water leakage with towels. Shut off the master feed via laser-welds. Need help ASAP.

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To: [illyana], [clarice]
From: [headachey in medlab]

Subject: Will you two just knock it the fuck off already?

We saved a life. Does anything else really matter? Besides, my head's splitting and you aren't helping matters. And I'm sure Alison doesn't need to see you two sniping at each other, either. Specially after she asked us to keep quiet.



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