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To: [Ms. Braddock]
From: [the kitten]
Subject: Request

Hey Ms. Braddock,

I guess maybe this will sound a little strange, but then, maybe it won't. You know what happened, so I don't need to explain that, but maybe I need to explain why I'm asking this.

Well, but probably I should ask it first.

Would you be willing to give me some serious self defense lessons?

Maybe it wouldn't have helped, but now it feels like... Like I just couldn't do anything, even if I had been in my right mind. It's been a long time since I took any of the defense courses, and I never exactly applied myself to them. Always thought I'd be able to just get away. But I guess that's not true anymore, and I don't like having to rely on someone else. Jamie was here this time, and Jamie will always be there for me, but I don't like feeling I need a bodyguard, or something.

And I'm asking you... well, because I trust you. Because you're one of my favorite teachers and you know how I learn and just... because it feels right. And Dr. Samson and everybody is saying I should do what feels right now to feel safe.

So, yeah. Would you?

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From: de Guzeman, Manuel
To: Pryde, Katherine
Subject: I'm sorry.

Sorry I wasn't there for you, sorry I didn't notice your outside influence, sorry I couldn't stop it before it came down to violence. I feel that I have let you down as a friend, and I worry.

So - when you're not quite so clingy and feeling more self-confident and safe, how about a waltz or two around the floor?



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