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To:[Sefton, Amanda]
CC: [Espinosa , Angelo]
From: [de la Rocha, Manuel]
Subject: Papers )


To: [Collins, Laurie]
From: [de la Rocha, Manuel]
Subject: The professor )


To: [Samson, Leonard]
From: [de la Rocha, Manuel]
Subject: Valentia de la Rocha )


To: [Moonstar, Danielle]
From: [de la Rocha, Manuel]
Subject: Return? )
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To: [Espinosa, Angelo]
From: [Lennox, Morgan]
Subject: Spain

Hey, love, I should have gotten this out to you sooner but I wasn't really fully back here even after I got back into the country. I'm here, though. Thanks for not throttling me over ditching you and the kids so short notice. Your turn. Get thee to Spain, hopefully with a certain hot blonde I know?

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To:[Sefton, Amanda]
From: [de la Rocha, Manuel]
Subject: Thank you )
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A package addressed to Manuel and Valentia de la Rocha. Inside are dictionaries for American Sign Language and Spanish Sign Language, as well as a handwritten note.

"I learned ASL a while back to be able to talk to Artie while Miles was around, and I'm always up for learning something new. So if you'd like some assistance, just let me know. Congratulations from one big brother to another.

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To: [babelfish]
From: [trouble]

Subject: Need a favour.

True to the nickname, something's come up in Spain. Four years old, empathic and mute, to be exact. Manuel tracked this kid down with his powers interacting with hers and we've pulled her out of a not-great situation and want to bring her back to the mansion for Xavier's help.

I need papers - passport and U.S. visa - in the name of Valentia de la Rocha. I'd say make her Manny's daughter, but he wouldn't see the joke, so best to make it his little sister that he's got guardianship of. They just need to hold up to getting her back to the States. Can you sort it out and make sure they're at the Madrid drop box asap?



P.S.: I know paranoia's part of the job, but where does Sof get off claiming Pete got Garrison, Jay and Dani attacked?
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To: [angelo]
From: [amanda]

Subject: Off again.

Sorry for the late notice, but I'm off to Spain for a couple of weeks - Manuel's doing some business and asked me to help him out. I'll call.

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To: [Colbert, Marie-Ange]
From: [de la Rocha, Manuel]
Subject: Your warning

Not only is your coworker unsufferably immature, nosey and (with all due respect) lacking every ounce of innocence she claims, Jubilation Lee has been spreading a very unfriendly rumor. She spoke of the warning extending into family, which you failed to mention. I am two days away from leaving for Spain, my inbox is flooded and Jubilee is 'watching' me. You understand how aggrivating this is yes? That I am wondering why you failed to tell me about the warning extending into family?

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To: [Sefton, Amanda]
From: [de la Rocha, Manuel]
Subject: A trip & Wisdom )


To: [Gibney, Kyle]
From: [de la Rocha, Manuel]
Subject: Moving )


To: [Frost, Emma]
From: [de la Rocha, Manuel]
Subject: Short notice )


To: [Frost, Adrienne]
From: [de la Rocha, Manuel]
Subject: Spain )


To: [Forge, John Henry]
From: [de la Rocha, Manuel]
Subject: Dani )


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