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To: [Cancer Man]
From: [The brat]

Subject: Meeting with Patches.

It's on. 8:30pm tonight at the address you specified. Coming to find you now.

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From: [Monster]
To: [Mads]

Subject: Little green pills

If you've got any, I could really use some right now. Just, leave some out for me, hey? Don't expect anyone to actually want to talk to me right now.

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To: [Cancer Man]
From: [Jubilee]

Subject: Bastard must pay. )
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To: [Jubilee]
From: [Angelo]

Subject: Demon )
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What appears to have been a Halloween prank gone wrong could have ended in disaster last night if not for the actions of several students from Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters.

Details as to what actually occurred are sketchy, but late Sunday night emergency services were called to "Neon", Salem Center's underage nightclub to respond to reports of a fire that had broken out. Upon arrivng, fire and ambulance services discovered the club had been largely evacuated, due to the quick actions of the students of the local 'mutant school' which featured on a CNN special last year.

"If it hadn't been for those kids, we would have had a real problem on our hands," stated Ross Harrison, Chief of Salem Center Fire Department. "That many kids, an enclosed space... we're damn lucky they were there."

Several clubgoers experienced smoke inhalation and minor bruising and were treated at the scene, but no serious injuries were reported.

"There was this guy, he had this stretchy skin... He used it to pull us out, it was amazing, man!" said one clubgoer, Chris Harper, 15. "We didn't get his name, but he saved our lives. And his girlfriend's pretty hot too - metal skin, it was freaking awesome!"

Other witnesses describe one girl apparently teleporting clubgoers to safety, and another creating a wall to shield people from the flames.

"This girl, she could fly, and she was, like, super strong? She caught the upper level when it started to fall and let us down. She was a bit of a bitch, 'though..." Samantha Carrol, 17.

Reports are jumbled as to the cause of the fire, some clubgoers reporting a 'big scary monster'. Arson squad detectives are investigating, however they believe the fire and a subsequent explosion were caused by either a gas main or industrial grade fireworks.

"We have reports of a large firework display in the parking lot at the rear of the building, but at this stage there is so evidence to support that," Lt. Diego Montoya told the media. "We're investigating all avenues, however we have ruled out hostile mutant activity."

Investigations into the incident are continuing.
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Large (blatantly obviously so) florist's box addressed to Ms Jubilation Lee. Inside is an arrangement of white geramiums and a card (OOC: geramiums symbolise betrayal, and white symbolises death in Chinese culture). The card says the following:

"Thank you for an amusing evening, darlin'. I couldn't have done it without you. Love and kisses, Patches."


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