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to: [Illyana Rasputin]
from: [Jennifer Stavros]
subj: I'm alive.

And sane. Again. Sane-r. Most of the wacky genetic fun has gone away.

I would like to say I don't drop off the face of the planet regularly, but the trend is starting to disturb.

Also, I hear you guys assisted in finding us. Um. Thanks for that. On behalf of the three of us.
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OOC: A reply to this email. I may have forgotten about it slightly. Because I'm good like that.

To: [Illyana]
From: [Monet]
Subject: RE Much as I know there's not really a positive answer coming my way here )
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From: Logan
To: Jean
Subject: That thing with the kids.

Hear it told, this Campbell character turned three of our kids into weapons.

Any similarities between what Campbell was doing and Weapon X?

Sounds to me like there might be. I got a real special kind of hate for scientists who augment mutants against their will. If anyone'd know, you would.

Ask me real nice and I'll take my shirt off for ya again so you can stick me with needles.
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to: [Munroe, Ororo]
from: [LeBeau, Remy]

Well, I'm back from Scotland, you're no longer a man, and if I know you, you managed to get even less sleep than I did over this entire affair. How about I come pick you up and we'll just go for a bit? You, me, no maps and a random direction for eight hours or so? Find the New York State Tomato Growers faire or something in one of those little towns named out of the Iliad and think about antiques and homemade pie and the cute little bed and breakfest we just passed. What do you think?

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To: [Teleporter]
From: [still thinks you need a better codename]
Subject: A favor


I hate to ask, but do you think you could open a portal to Tokyo for me? In all the insanity over the past week I forgot that tomorrow is the one year anniversary of Mariko's murder, and I forgot to reserve a plane ticket so I could attend memorial services. You can come too, if you'd like, but I will need to stay there for a few days in order to deal with some legal matters.

I also need to get the hell away from here for a little while. I cannot stop thinking about the mission yesterday. And my hand hurts.

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To: [Amaquelin, C]
From: [Forge, JH]
Subject: Missing friends

They have been found and rescued. The person responsible for kidnapping them has been taken into custody, and the ones who actually attacked you have been repaid in kind.

As for Jennie, Kyle, and Marius - they were forced to undergo a procedure which, not to mince words, turned them into monsters. It has been reversed, though the doctors say it will take up to a few days for the effects to totally fade.

What matters is that they're home, and they're safe.

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to: [Xavier, Charles], [Wisdom, Pete], [MacTaggart, Moira]
from: [LeBeau, Remy]
subject: Research

Evening all. Pete, I've got some results from my time on Muir. Professor, I've added you and Moira in. She already knows, but it relates to your old ami Essex.

This doesn't make any sense )
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Still out here. Was pretty bad. I'm okay, Shiro broke his hand. Other stuff that will have to wait until I can talk to you properly. Four days. <3
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To: [Pete]
From: [Nate]
Subject: names

Names, dates, previous affilations, jobs they've done for Solomon prior to now. I don't recognize any of them; hopefully you do.


Attached: solomon.doc
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To: [Pete]
From: [Nathan]
Subject: on my way into the city

I have copies of letters you need to see. Without getting into details we can discuss when I get there, they're addressed to Moira, concern our missing kids, and appear to be from Rory fucking Campbell.

If he's behind this, he's a dead man. I'm not kidding.



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