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[1/5] wake up
[2/5] time2 look @ the stupid atlantean thing
[3/5] billiam wakeup dont make me l8
[4/5] wakeupwakeupwakeup
[5/5] ive th wrlds biggst cofeee 4u wakeup

Ten minutes later:

[1/2] srsly if i trn n2 a wombat its all ur fault
[2/2] nd i drank ur coffee lazy
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To: [Summers, Scott]
From: [Barton, Clint]
Subject: Equipment?

Hey, who do I talk to about getting some equipment to one of the labs downstairs? Various overvoltage protective devices would probably be good as well as at least one Geiger counter just to be thorough. I have a list.

To: [Maximoff, Wanda]
From: [Barton, Clint]
Subject: Breakfast tomorrow?

Want to get breakfast tomorrow and then poke at the mechanism thing I mentioned the other day? I mean, poke at it a bit more? Take pictures, maybe some rubbings of the runes on the gears? Y'know, reassure me again that it's not going to zap me and turn me into a wombat?
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hey namor gave me a project, u want n? looks pretty mech heavy
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I have a project for you if you are a better mechanic than you are an archer.
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Kate, there's an item that's come on the market and I'd like you to acquire it for me. I'll email you the details but I've heard it will be in transit from somewhere in Greece in the next several days. Call me if you have any questions, otherwise I'll expect it in the usual place and you'll receive your usual payment.


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