Nov. 19th, 2008 11:52 pm
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Cessily, still uncomfortable with computer, leaves letters for her friends and teammates. Most of them read as follows.

Dear Friend,

I've talked to the Princess from Attilan, and have decided to go to an intensive training program on the island. I'm afraid I've not discovered the degree of control necessary for day-to-day living. I hope the program will help me become a better team member and less spastic in general. I shall be gone for about two months. I shall miss you and will definitely write letters.

Maybe even learn how to email without six or seven tries.

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To: [Kincaid, Cessily]
From: [Haller, David]
Subject: Just checking in

Hey, Cessily . . . as you may have noticed, Dr. Samson and I have been checking up on people after the whole thing in Manhattan. Disaster sites can be pretty unsettling, and even if you don't feel stressed it can manifest in different ways down the line. I've personally experienced a few things that seemed inexplicable and later turned out to be due to psychological issues (though it took an embarrassing amount of time before I figured out there was a correlation between how much damage my telekinesis would do and how bad a day I'd had).

I guess what I'm asking, not really subtly, is just how you're doing with everything. If there's anything you want to talk about, I'm here.

David Haller
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To: [Kevin]
From: [Cessily]

Subject: Incommunicado much?

For a guy who had his hands on my underpants not so long ago, you sure don't keep in touch. What's going on in your life? Job? School? Bumming around being morose?

Talk to me!

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A neatly wrapped package containing the DVD of "Newsies" and a birthday card which reads:

Happy Birthday Cessily!

I hope you enjoy your day as well as this gift. You mentioned liking it so I hope you do!


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To: [Monet]
From: [Cessily]
Subject: Panties in a vase... )

To: [Monet]
From: [Cessily]
Subject: Retraction )


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