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To: [frosty], [spidey]
From: [glowy]

Subject: I finally did it!

I talked to Mr. Summers yesterday and Dad emailed him with his permission and guess what? I'm on the team! I'm a brand new baby X-Man!
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I am sorry that we didn't get to go to the movies last night. Wanna try again this weekend?

Group Text

May. 7th, 2018 10:39 am
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Text to: Steve, Rahne, Maya, Nica, Miles, and Xavin

1/2 Nica's birthay is this week. We should all do something together!
2/2 Nica what do you want to do?
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[1/3] I know we're kinda stuck till the weekend.
[2/3] But, let's do something far away from electronics?
[3/3] Doesn't have to be far away. Just. No computers?
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To: [iceman]
From: [spectrum]

Subject: Totally late notice...

Yo, dude! Bayville prom is tomorrow night and I WAS planning to go with a group, but then everyone had to go and get dates and long story short, do you want to go? With me? As friends? I totally get that it's incredibly late notice, but I'll make it up to you.

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 To: [Monica Rambeau]
 From: [Reed Richards]
 Subject: Powers

Attachment:  overview of readings.doc; breakdown.xslx; m.rambeau findings.doc

Ms. Rambeau,

I apologize for the tardiness of my reply.  While the results certainly took less than 24 hours to compile, the implications alone caused me to do further research, which then lead to the attached documents.  I was able to input your data into a biomagnetic workup, as well as a neural schematic.  Might I say, your physiology is very interesting. If you would permit me to, I would enjoy working on this project.  


Dr. Reed Richards

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From: Friedlander, Sharon
To: Strange, Stephen; Rambeau, Monica; Lewis, Darcy; Dane, Lorna; Summers, Alex;
Subject: Exam coming up

Hi everyone,

With the exam coming up, next week I'll be in my office in the medlab for questions and extra practice from 7.30 to 9 every evening Monday to Friday. Feel free to come find me if you need me.

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1/3 I'm not going to be in the suite for a few days.
2/3 Decided to check out the woods
3/3 Talk to Wade if you need me.
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(2/2) have you girls been into see manhattan yet? Bobby and I will show you around! Saturday y/y?
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To: [McCoy, Henry]
From: [Rambeau, Monica]

Subject: Science help?

Hey, Hank, I know you're all into the science thing and I was wondering if I could ask you for some help with my powers? Mostly on the whole light wavelength thing. I have some ideas about what I do that's different to Alison but I need to know more about how light works in the first place.


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To: [roomie]
From: [nica]

Subject: This is kinda awkward...

I was talking with Maya last night and it's pretty obvious she can't stay in a room on her own, but Xavin's had enough (and I really can't blame them!). I thought maybe it would do her some good to have someone a bit more stable with her... like me. Do you mind if I move out? It's honestly not because of anything you did, not even the dirty socks on the floor. ;) And if I do, you can use the other bed as clothes storage? ;)


P.S.: Do you ever have the thing with your powers where you go intangible when you go full-body glow? Or is that just me?
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To: [Frost, A]
From: [Rambeau, M.]

Subject: Thanks.

Thanks for the email the other day - it helps to know there's some cool adults here.



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