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To: [Kylun; Cain Marko]
From: [Haller]
Subject: Jean

(cain, i'm cc-ing you on this because jean was a no-show this morning. the two of us can handle things here, tho, so take your time. kylun, sorry for the indirect comm but i don't have the range for cain. anyway, this is really not something we want to be discussing within earshot of a group that include terry.)

i just checked with the front desk, and jean left a note. it said that something's come up, and she's not going back to the school. didn't elaborate, but "good luck getting the kids home" made it pretty clear she won't be joining us for the remainder of the trip at least. the clerk saw her leave two hours ago at most. she didn't seem to be upset, so i assume it wasn't an emergancy. did she say anything to either of you?

guess i'll stick with "something came up" for the kids. doubt that'll satisfy them, but at this point inquiring minds will have exactly as much as i do.
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To: {Grey-Summers, Jean}
From: {Kylun}
Subject: A favor

It . . . would appear that I need a blood sample taken.  May I impose upon you to do so, and give the sample to the Professor?
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To: Grey, Jean
From: Kylun
Subject: I had a thought.

It was a custom of the monastery that when one or more of us was unconscious for a long time, those of us with time would take it in turns to read to them, or converse with them--to keep the sound of a human voice in their ears, and to make sure that someone was there when they awoke.  I know that the second is not a concern, with all the volunteers, but if the first would help, I offer my services.
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To: (Kylun)
From: (Colbert, Marie-Ange)
Subject: Training

Training )
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To: (Kylun)
From: (Marie-Ange Colbert)
Subject: A request of you, if it is at all possible.

A request )
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To: (Jean-Paul Beaubier)
CC: (Professor Xavier)
From: (Marie-Ange Colbert)
Subject: Teaching Assistant. )

To: (Professor Xavier)
From: (Marie-Ange Colbert)
Subject: Credits this semester. )

To: (Kylun)
From: (Marie-Ange Colbert)
Subject: Eastern Philosophy )
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to: Kylun
from: Sarah
subject: reply to your email )

to: [mine]
from: [yours]
no subject )
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To: [Eastern Phil]
From: [Western Phil]
Subject: I need a favor. )
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The letter is handwritten with a quill pen, in flat black ink; both the envelope and the paper inside are handmade.

You are my last hope. )


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