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A handwritten letter slipped under Betsy's door several days after an intense fight.

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If you've received this letter, then that means I haven't updated the settings in over a week. If that's the case, the only way that would've happened is that I'm gone... and the likelihood of my resurrection is nonexistent.

I'm so sorry.

I don't know how much you know or have had the time to process but please believe me, this is was not the way I wanted it to end. I wanted to grow old with you, with my aged, possibly botox'd, hands in yours, knowing this is exactly where I wanted to be -- forever.

I've known something like this would happen since Genosha. I haven't felt right since then but after a few months, I knew it wouldn't kill me. As the days wore on, I thought it would. The only thing that kept me from letting go, from giving up, was you. After that night at the Court, and I saw how close that knife came to ending your life, I couldn't let go not until I knew you were safe.

You've come so far in such a short amount of time and at least now, I can let go without worrying about you. To know that you will continue to go on, to live your life, to grow old, and to love again. It's all I want for you, it's all I can hope for now.

Know that I will love you to the end and beyond. Be happy, my love. I know I am... now, that it's over.

Eternally yours,

Elisabeth Braddock
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Betsy. Scott spent the entire train ride back having to tell people I was his extremely drunk friend and then basically had to carry me from the station. Leave him alone.
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[To: Scott Summers]
[From: Elisabeth Braddock]
[Subject: Haller]

Next time you take my S.O. to save yours, you have the decency to let me know before sending him back to me in tatters.

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From: [Braddock, Elisabeth]
To: [Haller, David]
Subject: New Quarters

Hey love,

I've taken your advice and requested new quarters. I wasn't expecting to get approved so quickly but it is what it is.

Want to help me unpack?

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Subject: Danger Room

I know that you probably won't get this until you're back, but just a friendly reminder that all DR sessions are reviewed for summary and archive.

Have a lovely vacation!
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To: [Trenchcoats]
From: [Braddock, Elisabeth]
Subject: [ NYC ]

Hi all,

Our latest joint adventure has revealed some information that will keep me at Xaviers for the interim. I will be stateside but inactive for any upcoming missions. I will travel back and forth from the Brownstone and available via email/cell. I must say I'm happy to be home for the immediate future.


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To: [Betsy]
From: [Jim]

Worked through Yom Kippur but ended up fasting anyway. Finally done with repair. Successful. Can't sleep, though. Would like to Skype if you're around.
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Hey Betts, it's me. I know you're working, just wanted to call and say happy birthday. Give me a call when you get back, the end of the school year's coming up -- maybe we can work something out.

And . . . that's all, I guess. I'll talk to you later.

Miss you.
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To: [David Haller]
From: [Elisabeth Braddock]
Subject: Home )

To: [Remy LeBeau, Pete Wisdom, and Emma Frost]
From: Elisabeth Braddock
Subject: Leave )

To: [Wanda, Amanda, and XF members]
From: Elisabeth Braddock
Subject: Duty Calls )
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To: [Betsy]
From: [Jim]
Subject: Question for a student

I don't know if you have time for this, but Julio Richter seems to have discovered some sort of sonar ability that seems to work better when he either has his eyes closed or otherwise can't see. I know it's not quite telepathy, but considering your experience you're the first one I thought of. If I point him your way, would you have the time/inclination for a little tutoring?
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OOC: Posted early due to time zone issues

To: [X-Men]
CC: [Senior Trenchcoats]
From: [daytripper]

Subject: Alert.

Before he left, I made Kurt promise to check in every day. He missed yesterday and I haven't heard from him yet today. Normally this wouldn't be an issue, except he was going after Mystique, to talk to her about what happened to the pick up team.

I've tried a location spell, but I can't get anything specific. Last I heard from him, he was in Mexico City and he seemed to think he was getting somewhere.

I really don't like this.

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To: [Surprisingly Lightfooted]
From: [ The Patient One ]
Subject: [ Last Night ]

You move incredibly fast for a man of your girth. I wanted to send a personal thank you for last night. I don't think birthday boy would have recovered if he knew how things really played out.

What? You know, I can feel you smirking from over here. It was his birthday and it was suppose to be a fun surprise.

Well, I'd say let's get a pint tonight but it'll have to wait until I'm back in town. You can get all your laughing out then, hmm?

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From: [Can't Hardly Wait]
To: [Birthday Boy]
Subject: [ XXXX ]

I know I should not be shocked but to think I'd assumed you'd be quite interested, if not, curious about what sort of presents I'd have for you this year? Does this mean you have no interest in a little birthday unwrapping? Hopefully, you'll be coming back to your room sometime soon, yes?

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To: [Bets]
From: [Jeannie]
Subject: well behaved

I'd just like to point out, for the record, that I didn't mock you even once, nor ask you anything inappropriate, while you were under the influence of that vile stuff. So, we're even.

Also I went and got the ass who did it to us incarcerated. So now I'm ahead. You should buy me a drink sometime.

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To: [All Staff]
From: [Betsy Braddock]
Subject: [The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth]

It's usually not my place to mind the affairs of others but the recent and strange appearance of iambic pentameter on the journals suggests that all may not be well. Could you lot please check it out before it spreads?

Many thanks,
Betsy Braddock
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To: [ Old Man ]
From: [ Tasty Tart ]
Subject: Hahaha, she has a sister.

Oh, there is a God.
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I have been to the hospital. As far as the paramedics and the doctors are now concerned, there was an accident involving getting locked into a refrigeration truck, which later crashed. There will be minimal questioning regarding the circumstances of Mark's injuries.

The doctors are certain that he will live and are reasonably certain that he shall retain all fingers and toes and other appendages. I did not see Mark myself, as they are in the process of warming him, but the images in their head are not pretty. I am maintaining a pain-block inside Mark's head for now on top of the analgesics - he does not need to be fully aware of some of what they are doing to him.

I am returning to Frost Enterprises.  I have organised for Mark to be in a private room and have the best available treatment upon his release from ICU.

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To: [Bets]
From: [Jeannie]
Subject: Never thought I'd say this...

I need your help; I need the name of a quality salon that can do a color job, fast. It's just occurred to me that there aren't that many six foot tall red heads in Peru...

If you can give me the name of someplace good, I'll send you pictures of me as a brunette.



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