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Tacked onto the door of his old room, an envelope with 'Pete' on it in Amanda's handwriting. Inside, the note reads:

Pete, )
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From: de Guzeman, Manuel
To: [Marie-Ange], [Danielle].[Katherine],[Alex],[Terry]
Subject: She played me.

She played me like a _song_. For months, I was patient. Understanding. Giving of time, and distance, and support. Whatever was asked, I did. I kept myself away, gave her privacy, permitted her the space she craved to discover who and what she is.

I know what she is now. She is a betrayer, a whore, a destroyer.

And she took my attemps at doing the right thing, at being a decent fellow, and drove a knife into their heart. She was everything to me - you all know that, to one degree or another. All my hopes, all my dreams rested with her. If I did a good thing, a proper thing, I lived for the smile I would receive, the kind word. She was my path to redemption, if you'll forgive the lurid turn of phrase.

I'm a goddamned empath. Why do I permit these inconveniences? Loki was right about me. I'm too soft.


PS - I don't have to feel this if I don't want to.
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From: de Guzeman, Manuel
To: Marko, Cain
Subject: Assistance required.

I need to know how much I'll need to recompense you for the destruction of one dresser, one bedframe, a mirror, and a chair. I'll also need assistance in getting the wreckage out of here.

Very bad night.

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to: [Sefton, Amanda]
from: [LeBeau, Remy]

I hate Tampa. It's obnoxious and wet; pastel and plastic coated. There are children everywhere.

Amanda, there's something important that you should know. I can't remember how many times I can tell you, but eventually it is going to sink in. Everything you do is going to lead to the moment you have to stand alone. Last night was what I could give, but it wasn't something that you would have fallen without. As much as it hurts, you don't need any of us to make the right decisions, or to be the person you want to be. You just have to believe in yourself.

I don't know how long it will be until I'm back, and after that, how long I'll stay. But you've always got places to go and people who will be there. Just trust yourself to be worth it, and they'll prove it to you.

That's my information coming in. I'll see you in a few days, I hope, and we can talk about it some more. Try not to annoy Cain enough to get pitched in the lake.

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From: de Guzeman, Manuel
To: Medical Staff
Subject: This is probably outside your expertise...

But I was wondering if any of you have any vetrinary expertise?

Amanda's - no, _my_ lizard Frank is acting quite oddly. He won't eat, he behaves oddly, and even what he has that passes for emotions just don't feel right.

He scratched Amanda the other day, and he's _never_ done that before.

So ... can any of you look at him? If not, that's fine, I'll see if I can make an appointment with a vet and get him checked out that way. But if we can keep this in-house, I'd prefer to.



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