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email to all X-Men, X-Force, X-Corps and X-Factor members, as well as medical staff - also, Wade Wilson, Julian Keller, Arthur Centino, Callisto and Megan Gwynn

I am sorry if this is horrible I am still trying to find how to say it. I will speak to some of you in person.

We have Jean, the mission was a success but I do not know if the price we paid was worth the cost. Storm and Gambit are gone. Clinton Barton is dead. Many more are compromised, physically or mentally including Jean herself.

We killed half the Imperial Guard, I do not know what the price we will pay for that will be.


Email to X-Force members

No, I did not know they would die. I am sorry.
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To: [chessmaster], [potato king], [candy floss], [lightshow]
From: [toil and trouble]

Subject: Your mission, should you accept it...

So, Lorna's post gave me an idea for a lesson plan for you lot. Yes, you too, Tandy. Halloween tends to be a big thing around here, and to make things fun in a way that won't get out of hand, I've decided to give you free rein to help with things. Yes, that means using magic. Get creative, but make sure it's controlled, that it's harmless, and that the spells only last as long as you want them to. Tandy, I want you involved so you get an idea of what magic involves and to help with ideas, since Megan and Topaz (and me) haven't really celebrated Halloween in our own countries.

I'll be there to keep an eye on things, and to mark your results.

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Pixie, a work thing's come up. Can we reschedule our skype? I'll be pretty much out of contact for a little while. Maybe up to a week, even.
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To: [Boss Lady]
From: [Megan Gwynn]
Subject: Scary News

Hi Boss,

I just saw the news about the mutant fashion designer and activist that was killed. OMG. It didn't happen in the District X neighborhood but I'm still a bit freaked out.

- Megan
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To: [potato king], [chess master], [light show], [pink pixie]
From: [professor a]

Subject: Trouble over the weekend?

So I caught up with the journals and such and I hear you had another typical Xavier's field trip? Everyone all right? Anything I should know about? And please, for the love of everything holy, no demons this time?

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To: [Gwynn, Megan]
From: [Grey-Summers, Jean]
Subject: Your Test Results


I just got finished running your test results. Your dust shows no abnormalities in your system. But if you notice any changes in the future please let me know. If you still feel uncertain I would recommend speaking to Amanda about the magical aspect of your encounter.

Let me know if you need anything else.

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from: Megan Gwynn
to: Dr. Jean Grey

Hi Dr. Grey,

I've been meaning to call the Medlab, but keep forgetting until it's late. I was hoping to make an appointment to get my dust checked. I need to find out if it's been changed by demon magic. I have a small magic power now, and when I was using it against Dweller it seemed it was harder to keep my dust from surfacing. That might have been because I was focusing so hard on the magic with a different part of my brain, but I'm not sure.

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Is it a real rabbit's foot? It's pink like my hair!
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To: [PixieStick]
From: [Token Weirdo]
Subject: Favor

My most favoritest pixie stick ever! Think you'd be down doing me a favor? I wanna make Matt a button but obviously it totally has to be in braille and there is not way to make braille not boring. So I had a thought! I know some of the paints you use can be all made to be all texturey and stuff, right? Think you'd be down painting his button for me so you can make some sort of design he can feel and I'll get you the braille for you to paint on too so he can read it? And I sort of want to make him this Tee Shirt too >.> Which I totally won't tell anyone what it says because he will totally like turn red and maybe try to throw things at me for it. :D

So you down? Pretty pretty pretty? I will pay you in brownies or cookies or cake or like actual nutritious food or something?

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To: Layla Miller
From: Megan Gwynn
Subject: Hey

Hey lady,

It's been ages since I've been to a punk show and I was thinking of going this weekend. Do you know of anything going on? I guess I just haven't found the scene here yet. You seemed like a good person to ask, and anyway, I would love it if you came with me!

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To: Layla Miller
From: Megan Gwynn
Subject: This weekend

Hey lady,

I have a crazy idea. (I know, right after all the crazy stuff we just went through). Want to go bungee jumping with me this weekend? I think we officially need an adult to supervise, tho.

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To: Layla Miller
From: Megan Gwynn
Subject: Thanks!

Thanks for the cookies! I ate half of them already. Delicious!


Thank you!

Dec. 24th, 2011 11:15 pm
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Thank you to whoever got me the awesome legwarmers in mermaid colors (tho' I think I know who!). And the plushies! I actually went "squee!" when I opened them. I haven't collected plushies since I was a kid - they are so adorable! Makes me want to watch the Lord of the Rings movies again - it's been ages. Oh yeah and the necklace! So fun! I've never had anything like it before. Thanks for the very unique gifts!

Nadolig llawen a blwyddyn newydd dda! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone! And whatever else you celebrate too!
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To: Garrison Kane
From: Megan Gwynn
Subject: Golf?

Hi Mr. Kane! Will you take me to the public golf course sometime if you have time? It'd be fun!

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To: Doreen Green
From: Megan Gwynn
Subject: Penblwydd Hapus!

 Happy Birthday Dori!!!!

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 

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To: [Artie Maddicks]
From: [Megan Gwynn]
Subject: Happy Dydd Santes Dwynwen


Which is sort of like St. Valentine's Day in America! Although in my country's tradition, Dwynwen wished that she would never marry, and she became the patron saint of lovers to console others through sadness and love and stuff.

Anyways I just think you're sweet. Have a great day!

- Pixie
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To: Doreen Green
From: Megan Gwynn
Subject: To Monkey Jo

Happy Squirrel Appreciation Day!

(Does Monkey Jo like airline peanuts?)

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To: Meggan Szardos
From: Megan Gwynn

Penblwydd Hapus in Welsh :)
I hope it was a good one! So lucky that you're 18!
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To: [Lorna Dane]
From: [Megan Gwyn]
Subject: [Dori's Birthday]

Hi Lorna,

We're having a surprise party for Dori tonight. I heard that you make lovely cakes. If no one's asked you to make one yet for Dori, can you make her one for the party? I think she likes any kind of sweet flavors.

Thanks and sorry for the late notice!



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