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To: [encrypted addresses]
From: [encrypted address]
Subject: so, negotiating this thing...

I got the old rat bastard to agree to a meeting in New York, although fuck, did he dig in his heels. Where and when do we want to do this thing? Can't be for a few days at least; I'm about to head out with a field team to take down a conditioning facility and a couple of safehouse. (Yes, Nathan, I'm overly ambitious.)

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To: Haroun
From: Alison
Subject: Books... )

To: Cain
From: Alison
Subject: Gah... )

To: lifesaver
From: firefly
Subject: Done. )

To: Anika@encryptedaddress
From: Encrypted Address
Subject: Men. :p )

To: Tim@encryptedaddress
From: Encrypted Address
Subject: Update... )

To: Nathan
From: Alison
Subject: Mick )
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Still here. Some problems but nothing unmanageable. M likes his games. Tim's temper as bad as ever. Check back with you tomorrow. N.
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Safely arrived. Situation as advertised, M cooperative. More details later. Stop worrying. N
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To: Pete
From: Nate
Subject: we need to talk

There should possibly be alcohol involved.

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To: Xavier, Charles
From: Blaire, Alison
Subject: Nathan )
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To: Xavier, Charles; Wisdom, Pete
From: Domino
Subject: travel plans

I arranged us a direct and discreet flight from Inverness right to Westchester. If one of you could have ground transportation waiting at the other end, it would be much appreciated. We should be landing about 8pm your time.

Nate's been awake a couple of times - not for very long, so I still don't have his version of what happened. Moira (she's doing a lot better today) and Rory are convinced he's okay for the flight, although I gather he'll be sleeping through it.

Pete, I arranged for the rest of the Pack to come 'vacation' here for a while. They'll keep an eye on Rory and the place, probably beef up the security systems too if I know David. We're just waiting for them to get here before we go.

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To: [trouble]
From: [bagpipelady]
Subject: Argh.

Brief e-mail, case Pete didn't tell you. Group was jumped at Muir, I was/am concussed. Nathan was shot up pretty badly. Stable, right now. We'll be home tomorrow night, I'm thinking.

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To: Wisdom, Pete
From: Domino
Subject: trouble

W.H.O. missed something - a whole special ops team, actually. Don't know how the fuck we didn't find them, whether they were being shielded or what, but they picked two in the morning to appear out of fucking nowhere and start shooting up the place. If Nate hadn't given us a little advance warning, we'd probably all be dead.

As it stands, we're not in great shape. Rory and I are fine and Theo wound up with just a graze or three, but G.W.'s lucky he still has an arm, Moira got blown into a wall, and Rory just now finished trying to put Nate back together. He got the worst of it, trying to protect Moira. I think she and Rory might have been the primary targets, I'm not sure.

But the situation's stable for now, I think. Share this with Charles and whoever else you think needs to know it; I'll update you again later. Right now I have seven bodies to dismember and incinerate, so I'd better get at it.



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