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To: [Winnifred], [Sarah]
From: [Mary]

Subject: Hallowe'en Shenanigans?

Do you ladies still have your Sanderson Sisters costumes from last year when we went trick-or-treating with Jean's sister's kids? I hear through the grapevine that Miss Pryor's organized a viewing of Hocus Pocus tonight and I think the Sanderson Sisters should make an appearance...

Who's with me?
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To: [medical_list]
From: [Forge]
Subject: The individual in Room 4

It seems our most recent guest has had a bit of an accident and might need to have his arm looked at. I'm sure there's no rush.

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To: [Ororo], [Wanda], [Moira]
cc: [Charles], [Scott], [Hank], [Maddie]
Subject: problem

Tommy Jones attempted to kill himself this morning. Obviously this is not going to become public knowledge, and Charles and I have already talked, but this is something I felt you should be aware of. Tommy and I spent a while talking and he's doing better, but I'm still worried, particularly about him staying on his own. I'm not saying he needs a suicide watch, but I think he suffers from his isolation far more than he would be willing to admit. Consequently, I think we should try and find a suitemate for him.

Obviously, this is hard because I agree with the decision not to break up any of the settled student suites - they've found their own balance about living together and shaking that up on Tommy's behalf would probably not go over very well. Have been going over the enrollment lists and trying to find someone who would be suitable, but I welcome any suggestions since I'm really getting nowhere. I almost want to say we should ask Shiro if he'd be willing to help out. He's old enough and responsible enough to understand what we'd be asking, I think, and he hasn't got the same record with FoH that many of the others do and, with Alex having moved into Lorna's rooms, he's in an odd rooming situation.

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To: Medical
From: J. Stavros

I've had a cold all week and I think it's getting worse. I feel all feverish and achy. Should I come and get a diagnosis or can I just stay here? Cause I don't feel like moving.

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From: al-Rashid, Haroun
To: Medical
Subject: Altercation

Well, that was decidedly _odd_. Weeks of managing, at best, a foot-wiggle, and then today I shot to my feet and kicked Marius in the head. Twice. Hurt like a _bitch_ - I'm out-of-shape and my back hates me - but what was really disturbing is that the pain just ... stopped. Like somebody flicked a switch or something.

Does the MMI have the option to act like a pain editor or something? Is this _normal_? Thinking back, I lost sensitivity when I was reacting - it felt a _lot_ like the old system did. Then when I realized what was happening, it felt like it always does - temperature, pressure, etc. That's when I collapsed.

But here's the weirdest part of all. After my little nap (I _love_ the painkillers you guys hand out, really!) I could _move both my legs_. Standing's still a little beyond me, but it's like I'd made a breakthrough or something. Still a little sore in the lower back, but I can swing my legs now, feel pressure, and some ... other things.

I think I need a full diagnostic so we can determine _what happened_. I'd hate for this to be a glitch.

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Tp: [medlab staff; Summers, Scott]
From: [Summers, Alex]
Subject: Heard a rumor...

I heard a rumor you guys have sleeping pills. Is there um, any chance I could come down and get some?


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To: [X_Staff]
From: [The kid with nothing to do]

So, now that I'm back and it's past time to late sign up for local community college classes, I have nothing to do.

Right so, anbody need help with anything? I'd really like to keep busy if I could, but if ya got nothing, I understand.

Just thought I'd try.


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From: de Guzeman, Manuel
To: Medical Staff
Subject: This is probably outside your expertise...

But I was wondering if any of you have any vetrinary expertise?

Amanda's - no, _my_ lizard Frank is acting quite oddly. He won't eat, he behaves oddly, and even what he has that passes for emotions just don't feel right.

He scratched Amanda the other day, and he's _never_ done that before.

So ... can any of you look at him? If not, that's fine, I'll see if I can make an appointment with a vet and get him checked out that way. But if we can keep this in-house, I'd prefer to.

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To: {doctor list}
CC: [Charles]
From: [Jean]
Subject: Addendum

Nathan's subconscious may be a fair bit smarter than he is - I would say this had just occured to me, but now that I think about it it may not really be news to any of us. Regardless, his post about his dream has got me thinking, particularly in relation to something Manuel mentioned earlier. I'm starting to think this new weirdness in his brain may be related to the Askani, somehow, although I've no idea how. The whole thing sounds crazy but, given this is Nate we're talking about, does it sound like the right sort of crazy or do I need to be spending even more of my hours off shift sleeping? Or both?

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To: [doctor list]
From: [Jean]
Subject: Nate

Blast, meant to send this out earlier, but here it is now. I saw from the records that at least one of you already saw the files I left up. To explain - Nate came down yesterday evening, saying he's been suffering from brief, piercing headaches that leave him feeling queasy when they pass. He figured after we got on his case about the blackouts he ought to report it, and I'm very glad he did. He had one of these headaches while he was down here, after I'd started the tests, so we've got readings from before, during and after. It's fascinating, and also damned confusing. Moira, you're the expert on his brain, what do you think? It almost looked to me like these headaches are actually altering his brainwaves, and I can't for the life of me figure out why. After the headached passed he ought to have returned to normal, but while he settled down afterwards, it was just that tad bit different...

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To: {medical_list}
From: [Forge, JH]
Subject: Upgrade complete.

The MMI chip is finished and prepared for implantation at the surgeon's convenience. I'll bring it up to the lab shortly and leave it in the sealed cabinet outside the quarantine area.

The cybernetics are ready. I've forwarded the pertinent details to Dr. Hawksmoor, and am attaching them to this email. Cybernetics are also stored in the sealed cabinet.

This concludes the fabrication phase - I'll want to do a once-over 72 hours after the surgery, and if possible, monitor Mr. al-Rashid through his physical therapy.

It's in your hands now.

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To: [Ghost Girl], [Babelfish Boy], [Epidermis Lass], [Clotho], [Lachesis], [Atropos], [BigFurryBricklayer]
Cc: [Blaire, Alison]
Subject: Phase One success!

The new MMI chip is done - we have a working prototype that I'm burning Doug and Kitty's adaptive AI language onto now. It will translate impulses from the spinal cord into instructions to the cyberware; everything from motion to diagnostics, to shifting into flight mode.

Kitty and Doug - I'm still going to want to be able to call on you if I need help, but the bulk of the gruntwork is done. Someone put Doug's brain back together if we broke it.

Doctors - as soon as is feasibly possible, the MMI chip will need to be implanted before the full cybersurgery. His spinal cord will need to start transmitting to it before it can give a reliable output - similar to a brain forming instinctive engram paths in utero.

Yes, much like a stegosaurus, Jetstream's MMI chip will be like a backup brainstem located in his butt. Closer to the first iliac vertebrae, but I do digress.

Ms. Blaire: If you could contact me offlist, I have some things I need to run by you for the design of Mr. al-Rashid's cybernetics that only you have the capacity to assist with.

If anyone needs me, I will be in the gym for a few hours.

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From: [Hunter n Gatherer]
To: [Mads]
Subject:A little surprise )


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