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If you've received this letter, then that means I haven't updated the settings in over a week. If that's the case, the only way that would've happened is that I'm gone... and the likelihood of my resurrection is nonexistent.

I'm so sorry.

I don't know how much you know or have had the time to process but please believe me, this is was not the way I wanted it to end. I wanted to grow old with you, with my aged, possibly botox'd, hands in yours, knowing this is exactly where I wanted to be -- forever.

I've known something like this would happen since Genosha. I haven't felt right since then but after a few months, I knew it wouldn't kill me. As the days wore on, I thought it would. The only thing that kept me from letting go, from giving up, was you. After that night at the Court, and I saw how close that knife came to ending your life, I couldn't let go not until I knew you were safe.

You've come so far in such a short amount of time and at least now, I can let go without worrying about you. To know that you will continue to go on, to live your life, to grow old, and to love again. It's all I want for you, it's all I can hope for now.

Know that I will love you to the end and beyond. Be happy, my love. I know I am... now, that it's over.

Eternally yours,

Elisabeth Braddock
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from: [Lebeau, Remy]

Alright, we haven't been able to pick up a hint of Betsy since she disappeared. She hasn't hit any of our communication systems, check-in points, and there's been a lack of catatonic Jane Does with purple hair turning up in the media so far. Someone tell me that Cerebro has been able to pick her up? Otherwise, I'm running out of options...

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To: [Grey-Summers, Jean]
From: [Haller, David]
Subject: Betsy

Okay, now that we've both had some sleep: what do we have for Betsy when she wakes up? Have you had a chance to draw any conclusions from what you have so far?
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So, my closet has been obliterated...literally. I'll explain later. Do you mind if I borrow some clothes for the time being? And maybe a pair of flip flops? All of the shoes are gone too except for ones I was wearing. Thanks. I owe you.
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Hey, Jean, sorry to interrupt your dinner but I thought you'd like to know Betsy showed up in my bed a little while ago. Not intentionally.

I was asleep when it happened and she must have been too, because she woke up when I fell out of bed because I thought someone had poured a ton of ice under my sheets. She thought we'd moved her to my room. When I told her we hadn't she was . . . not happy.

Don't worry about getting back soon, Amelia's taking care of her and she passed out again pretty fast. I'm going to stick around in the Medlab for the rest of the night.


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