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To: [Strange, Stephen]
From: [Maximoff, Wanda]


We've lost Remy and Ororo, countless others.  This is worse than we had even feared.

I was never as expressive with my love as you deserved.  But in case something should happen, know that you are my everything and my world would have been a much sadder place without you in it.  I love you with every ounce of my being and I hope when this is done you and I will be able to continue with our lives.  But if that is not the road that we find ourselves on, know I wouldn't trade any of our years together for anything.

I have the ring in case I need to call upon you - but I want to be as selfish for as long as possible and keep you as safe as I can unless I have no other option.

Your dear heart, Wanda

PS, and the sex was amazing.  Let's not forget that amongst the sop I'm throwing around.
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email to all X-Men, X-Force, X-Corps and X-Factor members, as well as medical staff - also, Wade Wilson, Julian Keller, Arthur Centino, Callisto and Megan Gwynn

I am sorry if this is horrible I am still trying to find how to say it. I will speak to some of you in person.

We have Jean, the mission was a success but I do not know if the price we paid was worth the cost. Storm and Gambit are gone. Clinton Barton is dead. Many more are compromised, physically or mentally including Jean herself.

We killed half the Imperial Guard, I do not know what the price we will pay for that will be.


Email to X-Force members

No, I did not know they would die. I am sorry.
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I found someone's stash of wine. I think we could all use a little. Join me in my suite?
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(1/3) tell me about it.
(2/3) I heard rumors that the X-Men trainees are going out. I guess that means Clint
(3/3) do u want some company?
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The imperial guards killed Namor. And now theyre sending us to India to get Doc Grey-Summers back.
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I am afraid I've just been informed that Namor was killed in combat today. He skipped his flight home when he didn't have to and came back to the mansion to help us. He even went to India to help us out even though he wasn't a member of any of the teams involved.

I've been in touch with his Attilan to inform his parents and the rest of his family. I know he had made a lot of friends here at the mansion, and I jsut wanted to say, I'm sorry. 
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1/5 Be safe.

2/5 There is something I want to tell you. You were always more than a guardian to me, you were kind of like my sister/mother figure. Someone I looked up too.

3/5 You also taught me that it is okay to trust adults and not every one out there is a complete asshole.

4/5 And if you die I will never forgive you!

5/5 I love you.
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[1/3] I'm actually pretty good with being me right now.
[2/3] Me's really good at killing people.
[3/3] And there are definitely some people who need killing.
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(1/6) Hi Matty. I know you won't read this cause...y'know. But can I pretend that you did?
(2/6) So I bet you kicked butt. And I bet you saved a bunch of people cause...that's what X-People do. But I wish you'd been saved too.
(3/6) It's not fair. I know sometimes it happens. It just happens. But I don't like it. I don't like it that you have to be gone. The X-People are supposed to win. This isn't fair at all. But if you have to go...at least it's somewhere nice.
(4/6) Can you say hi to Yvette and Catseye and Tabitha and Mr. Guthrie for me? Maybe Heaven's like...somewhere you can do whatever you want and eat whatever you want and stuff. Oh! And your dad. Cause...you made him sound nice. And maybe Batman. (I know he's not real but it's Heaven, right?)
(5/6) Anyway...I should go. Cause, I know you gotta get back to meeting Batman and like...eating ice cream with the others and stuff.
(6/6) Bye Matty.
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1st Text: What the hell happened?!

2nd Text (moments later): Sorry to yell, helping with three of Matt's friends.  Do you need anything?

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"Hey Dad. Um…so you probably heard by now I missed my interview. Could you maybe put in a good word and tell the editor I'm really not a total flake? I just had a bit of an emergency. And before you freak out and storm the gates - don't. Things are kind of bad here right now. I don't really want to explain to your voice mail…or over the phone. I'm gonna try and get out to see you and we can talk then. Maybe next weekend. Um. Maybe. I don't know. I'll call you. Or you call me when you get this. Either way talk to you later. Love you."
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I'd be happy for the company:) Just for you, boss, I'll put some clothes on too;)
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To: [Kurt]: Fuzzy, you get any of yourself hurt over there and I'm gonna be so mad at you. Come back safe, and not dead. Okay?


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