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email to all X-Men, X-Force, X-Corps and X-Factor members, as well as medical staff - also, Wade Wilson, Julian Keller, Arthur Centino, Callisto and Megan Gwynn

I am sorry if this is horrible I am still trying to find how to say it. I will speak to some of you in person.

We have Jean, the mission was a success but I do not know if the price we paid was worth the cost. Storm and Gambit are gone. Clinton Barton is dead. Many more are compromised, physically or mentally including Jean herself.

We killed half the Imperial Guard, I do not know what the price we will pay for that will be.


Email to X-Force members

No, I did not know they would die. I am sorry.
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To: [Xavier School Staff]; [Xavier School Students], [Xavier School Residents]
From: [Xavier, Charles]
Subject: Nicholas Gleason

I have some important, and perhaps difficult to absorb, news for you all.

While in New York, Mr. Sefton and Mr. Keller had an encounter with a young man at the airport. This young man appears to be Nicholas Gleason, however, he has no memory of his life up to and including the incident at graduation and some time after that. It appears that he has been through significant trauma, both mental and physical, which has caused this amnesia, and he has been living under another identity during this time. His lack of memory essentially made him a 'new' mind, thus preventing him being found by telepathic scan.

The medical staff and I are confident that this is indeed Nick and in order to help him regain his true identity, he has been invited to return to the mansion. He is extremely confused, as you can understand, so I would request that you all be mindful of that when you interact with him.

Also, a note to the telepaths in residence – Nick's mind is in a very delicate state and as a result, I will be refraining from using anything more than the most surface scans. I ask that you all do him the same courtesy, to avoid causing serious damage.

It is often mentioned that our lives are very strange sometimes. When that strangeness includes the return of one of our number apparently from the dead, it is not such a burden to bear. Welcome home, Mr. Gleason.

Professor Charles Xavier.
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To: [Students, Staff]
From: [Mr. Lexington]
Subject: Classes Canceled for Snowball Fight

Students, it has been brought to my attention that the amount of snow outside is perfect for a snowball fight. Thus, I am canceling my after school defense class today in order to organize a massive snowball fight. All are welcome.

Note: I will be making dinner for everyone afterward so feel free to argue over what movie we will be watching in the second story rec lounge.

That is all,
Mr. Lexington
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To: [Bishop, Lucas]
From: [Carlysle, Vanessa]
Subject: [X-Factor]

I've barely got the sign up and people are coming in with missing persons reports. I had a lady in here yesterday morning, then another came in last night and four more today. Word is they reported it to PD but don't think anyone's really looking. I'm going to start nosing around the neighborhood. Could you see what info that shiny PI license can let you dig up in terms of last known addresses, DMV or bank records?


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