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From: [Frost, Emma]
To: [Kane, Garrison]

Mr Kane

Now that I'm back in the country, I believe that you may be interested in the end game of the Deathbird gambit.

I used my not inconsiderable reputation as an expert in mutant weaponisation to obtain permission to travel to Srinagar. I took the opportunity to take Ms Neramani along for the trip. Our little warrior princess was able to see the end result of her works. See it, smell it, walk through it, deal with its suppurating wounds and help bury it.

I wasn't aware that any single human being could vomit that much.

Ms Neramani returned to her home and announced to the world that her experiences in assisting in the clean-up operation had made her reconsider her life in the public eye and that she was renouncing politics and withdrawing to live a life of quiet religious devotion and penance.

Ms Neramani is indeed penitent. She lives inside her own mind now. I have closed off her every access to the outside world. All she sees, all she hears, all that replays endlessly in her head is what she did to Srinagar. We walked and rode and drove through the shattered fucking hole she left in the world for three days, but it's all that she will see for the rest of her days unless I feel inclined to let her out.

I spent my birthday in Srinagar.

I do not think I will be inclined to let her out.

I have organised staff to care for her, through the good offices of her brother. I intend to make sure Ms Neramani lives for a very long time indeed.

Whoever made the tripwire in her head made a mistake. No telepath could get information out of Ms Neramani without her shattering beyond repair. But she could still volunteer information. And I could build a structure outside the tripwire. Bypass it without touching it. I've shut her off with the tripwire inside and it hasn't been triggered. The idea of the tripwire was good. The execution was - amateurish. Clumsy. By my standards, anyway.

It is something to consider in the future.

Now I intend to have yet another shower and several very large drinks.

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by Henry Luce

A new day is dawning in the Middle East, and it remains to be seen if the sun will light a positive new direction or a final gasp of illumination before returning to the darkness of chaos and violence. In a short eight days, a major city in northern India was the sight of the most violent single act of terrorism in the history of the planet. In the days following, the Pakistani government would lose two leaders and all but collapse in the face of the repercussions from the explosion. India would switch governments, bringing rise to a conservative fronted coalition and bringing D. Kenneth Neramani to the Prime Ministership. Finally, evidence of illegal secret research into mutant weaponization by a late Pakistani General would be connected to the crime, and his widow’s potential leap to political authority would be destroyed by the possible connection.

The speed of the changes has left the world searching for answers. In the face of a potential invasion by India, the UN Security Council, at the pressure of both China and Russia, has pushed to expand the limited role of the UN Peacekeepers in country to now include stabilizing the region until new elections can be held and a provisional government established until Pakistan can assure its own border integrity. Surprising, the United States has agreed to support the measure, despite being a long time ally of India.

“The State Department hates it, but the support for the measure comes directly from the Oval Office.” Said a source in the White House. “President McKenna is focused on maintaining peace in the region, and considering that the new Indian government has been formed based on opposition to United States involvement, it is possible that his decision has personal factors.”

Other factors include the potential escalation that an Indian invasion could bring from China and Russia, who have long used Pakistan as a counterbalance to India in the region. In any case, most analysts have suggested that UN peacekeeping forces will be in the region for at least eighteen months before the hope of withdrawal will exist.

With the dramatic power re-alignment in the region, it will be years until the full political, diplomatic, and economic repercussions are known, and even now, these could be simply the start of a much larger political crisis to come.
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Sam Coates – Political Correspondent

UN Weapons Inspector in India have announced that they have come into possession of documents that they claim identify the cause of the terrorist attack on Srinager as originating from a secret private facility inside Pakistan, created by late General Yuyef Khan. The facility fell into the hands of a group of Colonels who served under him, and was created in order to weaponize mutants obtained through illegal means. Documents reveal that an attack was launched on the facility, and the mutant subject of the project was then smuggled into Srinager.

The documents seem to confirm that while the responsibility for the bombing was from the Sons of Bakr, the group itself was the creation of an aide of General Khan’s, and has since fallen to his own uses. While there is no specific evidence to connect the bombing to the previous Pakistan government, it has been clearly shown that little to no control was exercised over private initiatives by military officials.

In the wake of the information, Prime Minister D. Kenneth Neramani of India has withdrawn his support of his sister’s proposed interim government, and is calling for all of the military officers involved in what has been termed the ‘Deathbird’ project to be remanded to Indian custody for trial. In the face of these developments, the last functioning elements of the Pakistani government has crumbled, and UN peacekeeping forces in the region have found themselves defending nuclear sites from possible looters for a government that no longer exists.

PM Neramani has stated that if Pakistan disintegrates into anarchy, Indian forces will take whatever measures necessary to secure their borders, including imposing order in disrupted regions across the border. Both China and Russia have issued strongly worded statements that a defacto invasion by Indian forces will not be an acceptable development.
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Washington Post

July 7th, 2007

In the wake of the violence in Pakistan, the closest thing to a consensus leader to emerge has been Calysee Neramani-Khan. Sister to India's Prime Minister D. Kenneth Neramani, and wife of the late General Yuyef Khan, mentor to Musharraf and once considered to be a likely leader of Pakistan. In the chaos which has engulfed the country, Neramani-Khan is one of the few leaders to claim support from the citizens of Pakistan, respect from a number of the tribal factions, and support from many elements of the military. She has stepped on to the world stage at exactly the time her adopted country needs her, and many political analysts speculate that she represents the only route to stabilizing the fractured country.

The former black sheep of the Neramani family, Calysee Neramani-Khan has become something of a golden child in the eyes of the Pakistani people. As the second oldest child of the Neramani family, she quickly entered in the spotlight, though not always in ways that would have made her conservative family proud. Educated in Europe and the United States, her years abroad in international schools often drew press attention for her rebellious ways, being photographed or mentioned in large party scenes, scandalous affairs, and friendships with celebrities including being romantically linked with Warren Beatty in the mid-80s. For a time, Calysee Neramani-Khan was considered an example of the dangers of globalization on Indian society, as a daughter of one of the highest and most honourable castes had become tabloid fodder.

That would all change with her marriage to the late Pakistani General Yuyef Khan. The marriage surprised everyone, as well as her own sudden change in behaviour. Calysee Neramani-Khan dropped the parties, celebrities and limelight of Europe's social scene, and seemed to focus on her adopted country. Working with General Khan's political connections, she quickly made herself the international face of many relief charities and nonprofits working inside Pakistan.

Despite the passing of her husband last year, the widow has continued her associations with international agencies and even gained the trust of the Pakistan government for her assistance in a number of delicate negotiations with India prior to the attack on Srinager. With the death of Benazir Bhutto this week, Calysee Neramani-Khan represents the last major political force in the country not tribal or militarily based, and may be the one hope for peace in the region.
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Ladies and gentlemen, you have heard the emergency resolution from the UN Security Council.

At the urging of Calysee Khan, speaking for the remaining Pakistani government leadership and the Pakistani Ambassador, the UN will be sending peacekeeping forces into Pakistan in order to secure their nuclear arsenal. They will be operating in conjunction with elements of the Pakistani military that are still loyal to the central government.

President McKenna has offered to provide the first deployment of peacekeepers from the United States Seventh army, headquartered in Heidelberg, Germany. We have General Speer, the acting Commanding General in charge on a satellite link. The General has limited time, so no questions please.

[uplink ready]

Good afternoon. I'm General Gary Speer. The ultimate configuration of the UN Peacekeeping force is still be debated in the security council, as you're aware. The President has authorized the deployment of American rapid response forces in order to stabilize the situation on the ground until additional forces arrive next week.

The 173rd Airborne Brigade will deploy from Bamburg and Schweinfurt, Germany, and Vicenza, Italy. The UN Ambassador for Pakistan has assured us that the government forces still hold the major airports in Islamabad and other cities. The US 5th Fleet will be providing aerial and tactical support from off the coast, and the 22nd Marine Expeditionary Unit will provide additional support if needed. British and German first response units will follow within 72 hours.

Our primary objective is to assist the current government in securing their nuclear sites so no materials fall into rebel hands. Our mission does not include a mandate for any operations either on on behalf of the current remaining government or interim leaders beyond ensuring the security of Pakistan's nuclear materials.

Thank you.

[uplink closed]
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Islamabad burned today, as the warring factions clashed on the streets of Pakistan's capital. The tentative talks between the opposition parties about the possible formation of a caretaker government ended in tragedy as Benazir Bhutto was brutally assassinated at her own home. Her husband, who accompanied her return from the exile, was also killed.

The leadership of Pakistan People's Party has devolved to her nineteen-year old son, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari. Zarari wasted no time blaming the leader of the rival Pakistan Muslim League, Nawaz Sharif, for the attack. As the loyalists and militias of the two main opposition parties clashed in the vicious street battles, the martial law and the rule of the junta that displaced General Musharraf in the wake of the Srinagar crisis has disintegrated.

It now seems evident that the tragedy that took place in Kashmir was too much of a shock for Pakistan, where ethnic, religious and political tensions have been building steadily for the last three decades. Bhutto's assassination removed the last figure who could have possibly negotiated a truce between the various factions now openly struggling for control. With her gone, and any hope for the coalition between the PPP and the PML destroyed, the military oligarchy imploded under its own weight.

While in the past the Pakistani army could be counted to present a bulwark to the centrifugal pressures of their society, the monolithic nature of the military itself has been steadily undermined since the 1970s as the West, Pakistan and the Islamic world encouraged the rise of anti-Soviet jihad. As the Taliban took over Pakistan's troubled neighbor to the north, the situation worsened exponentially. Originally envisioned as a puppet of Islamabad, the enigmatic leaders of the Afghans, Mullah Omar, has utilized the fervor of his adherents and financial backing of his Al Qaeda Praetorian Guard to turn the table on his would be masters.

Adopting the moral high ground of the 'pure' Islamic faith and clothing his policies in Pashtu nationalism, Omar steadily eroded Pakistan's hold on the warlike tribes of its infamous NorthWestern Province which has long supplied many of Pakistan's soldiers and officers. Omar's calls for religious government to be installed in Islamabad as well as in Kabul, resonated all the more among the Pashtuns because they were accompanied by the century-long lure of overturning the so-called Durrand line. This border drawn by the British Raj for its own convenience in 1893, sundering tribes, clans and families, leaving some as subjects of Pakistan and others as that Kabul government.

With the its regular military mobilized to confront India on Pakistan's southern border, the security of NWFP has been largely left to the Frontier Coprs, a paramilitary organization whose recruits are drawn largely from the local tribesmen. Predictably, their loyalty could not be counted upon at the time of crisis as Omar's decades of work had born fruit and the Taliban troops have flooded across the border, proclaiming the unification of two countries and a creation of Islamic Caliphate of Pashtunistan.

It is, of course, a patently laughable exercise - were the situation in Pakistan anything approaching normality. At the present juncture of events, however, the threat from the truck-born lightly armed Taliban militia is all too real. Even the bulk of the Pakistani troops, composed of non-Pashtuns has disintegrated into several mutually hostile factions, as the former members of the military junta maneuver for power.

Some are reportedly have already reached out to Taliban in search of allies. Others are looking toward Iran, as Ahmedinejad has begann massing troops and warning that the Teheran goverment will not tolerate abuses against Pakistan's Shiite minority.

The confusion has also been compounded by the resurgence of the long simmering discontent of the Baluchi provinces. Although their last rebellion in 1973 has been put down with brutal efficiency, the lingering desire for the autonomy remained and had been sparked by the current instability. Several units, composed primarily of the Baloch troops have reportedly mutinied and joined the demonstrators in Karachi and Quetta.

All the long-suppressed tensions of this unhappy country have been brought to a boil by a singularly cruel twist of fate. In a macabre irony, the tragedy that unfolded within India's borders has driven Pakistan to its knees, placing it and its nuclear arsenal at the crossroads of history with the future unpredictable and dark.

As this young state, cobbled form the fragile patchwork of tribes in the dying throes of the British Empire, crumbles along every conceivable social, religious and political faultline all eyes turn toward Calysee Khan nee Neramani, who has unexpectedly stepped into the vacuum left by the singular failure of the rest of the country's leadership.

Seemingly a perfect illustration of the old saying 'comes a moment, comes a man' - this widow of a highly respected military leader, she is probably the last of nationally respected figures on the Pakistan's scene today, who might be able to forestall the ongoing devolution.

Her esteem has been bought in no small part by her very reticence to trade on her family connections and to enter the political arena up till now. As the events continue to spiral out of control Mrs. Khan appears to be the only force holding the situation from the complete collapse.

Buttressed not only by her husband's reputation, but also by her brother's rapid ascent to power in New Delhi, Calysee has been able to parlay her outsider status into tangible political influence with astonishing speed. Backed, subtly but explicitly, by D Ken, she now grasps at the slender hope of pulling her country from the brink of oblivion.

The broader international community has wasted little time in expressing their support for her as well. This comes as no surprise, as Khan presents an almost miraculous opportunity to marginalize the separatists, re-unite the military, avert the war with India and to retain control of the Pakistani nuclear weapons.

What has proven somewhat astonishing is the fact that her foreign backing has not so far made Khan unpalatable to the Pakistanis. it would appear that the Punjabis, who comprise the ruling majority of Pakistan's population and the overwhelming bulk of its urban and educated classes, are desperate for any way out of the current crisis.

Still, Calysee lacks any organized internal support and is facing the almost insurmountable odds of the centrifugal forces that are reaching its apogee in a perfect storm of entropy. It is unlikely that, unless the international support manifests itself in more tangible ways, the Grand Widow will be able to prevent the monumental cataclysm now engulfing the child of Jinnah.
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By Michael Fasano

UN Ambassador William Bastion has been formally removed from office following his deviation from a prepared statement on the Pakistan/India Crisis where he called on the nations of the world to examine a new direction in dealing with mutant terrorism. Tumult continues to engulf the McKenna Administration as the President was forced to disavow the comments of their handpicked Ambassador. According to White House Press Secretary Perino, Ambassador Bastion's comments were 'the result of his own viewpoint on the international situation, and in no way represents the measured policy of either the McKenna Administration, the United States State Department, and does not signal a deviation in the United States stated foreign policy."

In a speech which brought first silence and then an uproar as Ambassador Bastion left his expected comments about securing peace in India, and plunged directly into addressing what he termed 'a shocking lack of preparation on the part of the international community to respond effectively and appropriately to mutant terrorism'. Ambassador Bastion raised seven different incidents of mutant terrorism in the last five years in which local and regional military forces lacked the equipment or training to effectively respond.

"The United States has a long history of audacious proposals to the international community, and the time has come for another. The rise of mutant populations in every country on this planet is a signal that we can no longer put our heads in the sand and convince ourselves that our world is not staring into the face of change not felt since entering the Nuclear Age.

Mutants are our brothers and sisters. They are our children and our friends. They are also our criminals and our police. Our soldiers and our terrorists. They have the scope of all human experience in them, irregardless of their power. With this indisputable fact before us, why must we continue to ignore the realities the most basic security concerns which we apply to all other facets of international law?

I call on both the security council and the general assembly to finally cast off the blinders of an uncertain future, and consider what the new age, the Mutant Age, means. The agencies of international peace must be prepared to face new terrorists, soldiers, and fanatics of all kinds, mutant and human, and those forces ready to push back the darkness of anarchy their foes represent. I urge that a new peacekeeping force be considered, operating under the mandate of this august body, which uses the best technology and the best trained mutants available from the world's growing population. I call on both domestic and international law enforcement agencies to begin to train and press into service mutant men and women who can effectively enforce law against all those who would break them.

Finally, I call on this body to take the gravest and most important step of all; to revise international law to recognize the nature of the world's mutant population, and protect them from exploitation and weaponization at the hands of rogue powers."

Insiders inside the White House expressed shock at the speech by former Ambassador Bastion. One senior staff member characterized it as a 'lack of understanding about the political process, pressing for a solution which the UN isn't ready to address'. Democrats in Congress have speculated that the Administration is trying to have it both ways on their Ambassador, submitting Bastion to Congress only weeks ago as an experienced foreign policy expert, and now attempting to claim inexperience with process as the reason for Bastion's outburst.

Lt. Gen William Bastion was a hero of the Vietnam War, flying over 200 missions in for the USAF. He earned a degree in aerospace engineering, was one of the Pentagon's most successful reformers in technology appropriations and was considered a potential chair for the Joint Chiefs when President McKenna asked him to take the Ambassadorship instead only two months ago to replace Khalized, who resigned in May citing health reasons. Highly regarded by the State Department for his foreign policy acumen and respected as both a legitimate war hero and a highly intelligent and successful leader by Congress.

While Lt. General Bastion's call has been met with either hostility or tepid consideration, especially since his repudiation by the Administration, some members of Congress have expressed interest in hearing him fully explain his ideas. This has led some sources to wonder whether Bastion's statements may be the start of a broader political push for international mutant peacekeepers or even the springboard for a larger position within either of the new administrations following the elections in November.
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Vinod Sharma, New Delhi, July 02, 2008

Today's no-confidence vote marked a stinging defeat for the Congress Party which swept into the ruling majority under such high hopes only four years ago.

Manmohan Singh, who had been a steadfast leader of the Congress for nearly a decade, has appeared utterly dejected today after he handed in his resignation letter to the President. It is widely believed that the post of the Prime Minister will be offered to Dattatreya Kenneth Neramani, whose Bharatiya Janata Party is sure to regain majority in the early elections.

The rapid fall of Singh stands in stark contrast to his long and illustrious career - first as as the Governors of the Reserve Bank and later as the finance minister, who inaugurated the financial reforms that fueled Indian economy and allowed it to recover from the crisis of the 1990s.

Even as late as last week it appeared that Singh would be able to weather the latest challenge from the opposition, although the government's communist allies, which provide the ruling coalition with a majority in parliament, made clear their intention to withdraw their support, to protest a civilian nuclear deal with the United States.

As a result of intense and months-long negotiations, the former Prime Minister was confident that he could count on the support of the Samajwadi Party, which in alliance with the Congress, would allow the United Progressive Alliance to retain the majority in Parliament even with the defection of the Left Front.

As was clear for months the CPI and CPI(M) were planning to leave the UPA, over the concerns that Singh's nuclear pact with the Unites States would compromise the country's strategic programme or its right to conduct a nuclear test. Both Communist parties refused to be placated by the repeated assurances from the Prime Minister's office to the contrary.

Singh's careful political machinations were thrown into confusion, however by the horrific events in Srinagar and his handling of the situation. The opposition seized upon his slow response to what they declared a clear aggression against India's sovereignty, and UPA was never able to regain the initiative.

Trapped between the pressure exerted by the United Nations and the West for the wait-and-see approach, and the relentless assaults from the BJP which painted him as a lapdog of McKenna, willing to sacrifice Indian lives and autonomy to score points on the international arena, Singh saw his carefully constructed coalition disintegrate within mere days.

'McKenna's little sister' as he was derisively nicknamed by Lal Krishna Advani in the recent, heated Parliamentary session had no choice but to offer his resignation today, as the Left Front a letter to President Pratibha Patil, announcing their decision to withdraw support for the ruling coalition, led by the centre-left Congress party. The hoped-for letter of support from the Samajwadi Party failed to materialize and the triumphant BJP quickly called for the vote of no-confidence.

The caretaker government, soon to be formed By D Ken Neramani, is likely to be an unprecedented coalition, including both the conservative BJP along with their old NDA allies, but also the Left Front and the Samajwadi - the latter thus realizing their quest of transformation into national force. It's debatable whether this majority coalition will last long, given the deep and long-standing animosities between the communists, the socialist Samajwadi and the BJP. In the meantime, however, it will give Neramani a clear mandate for action.

Today marks the pinnacle of Neramani's long work to revitalize India's main conservative party. A scion of the powerful Shiar family that has long been a political dynasty in the Northern provinces, the Eton educated politician has struck a chord with the voters calling for a more robust foreign policy in general, and specifically for an immediate and forceful retaliation for the recent attack in Kashmir.

A landslide victory for his party in the upcoming snap election now seems a foregone conclusion.
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to: [Temple, Inez]
from: [Frost, Adrienne]

subject: Away from office


I'm on a plane currently traveling to India. I made some calls last night and canceled my meetings for today but I'm going to need you to cancel my meetings for the rest of the week and hold off on rescheduling anything, as I don't know when I'll be back. Please make profuse apologies to all and be sure to tell them I'm doing humanitarian work.


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GFX: Press Secretary Dana Perino

"Ladies and gentlemen, please. I have a statement to make and then I will take your questions. Obviously, this is a very busy time, so let's keep it to the point. The President has been meeting with numerous ambassadors and diplomats from India, Pakistan, and the United Nations, as well as the Secretary of State and the Directors of the CIA, and the FBI, in order to develop a clear understanding of exactly what the situation in India is at this moment.

I would like to remind the press that there is no indication that the 'Sons of Bakr' have the capabilities to strike any of the targets named in their video, or if the group is responsible for the attack on Srinager in the first place. Top analysts are working to confirm whether or not their claims are true. In the meantime, the Secretary of Transportation has ordered all airports to their highest level of security until the crisis is resolved. The US Navy has moved the Fifth Fleet into the Indian Ocean to support the containment of further escalation.

President McKenna has been in touch with leaders in both Pakistan and India, and expresses hope that no further escalation will be taken before more information develops. He has also instructed our representative at the UN Security Council, with the unanimous support of China, France, Great Britain and Russia to issue emergency Resolution 1823, which calls for an international investigation of the incident by UN Inspectors in order to confirm the construction and origin of the weapon, whether conventional or organic. Prime Minister Singh of India has expressed willingness to allow the inspectors access to the site and the material.

Alright, questions. Bill?"

"Will the US be involved with the UN inspectors?"

"The FBI and Interpol will help support the UN and Indian investigations into the attack. We've asked Pakistan to provide access for the investigators if necessary, and we're hopeful that they will do so. Gary?"

"If it turns out to be a mutant responsible, will this change President McKenna's policies on mutant rights or military research into mutants?"

"President McKenna's position remains committed to ensure that mutants in the United States retain the same rights as any other citizen, and that the weaponization of mutant abilities by other nations is an action strongly condemned by this country. Gale?"

"Pakistan is in political transition right now. Could this be the actions of the government stepping down?"

"I'm not going to speculate on who might be responsible. The investigation will be rigorously conducted, and those who are responsible for this great tragedy will have the entire weight of the United States supporting their discovery and capture. I would also like to note that the Red Cross and other humanitarian aid organizations are in contact with the Indian government in order to try and secure access to the area around Srinager to provide aid to those displaced by the attack, and we support their efforts. Thank you. That's all for now."
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to: [Kane, Garrison]
from: [Samson, Leo]
subject: Contacts


I assume you're going to be involved in the situation in India. I have a few contacts in Pakistan that might be useful to you--if there's anyway I can help, let me know.

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LE MONDE | 1 Juliet 2008 | Françoise Chipaux

In a stunning display of naivete, if not outright falsehood, the White House assured the world today that the crisis currently gripping the Indian subcontinent is in the process of de-escalation. President McKenna issued a statement proclaiming that he is in touch with the leaders in India, Pakistan, China and Russia and that he is sure that the solution will be found to return the troubled region to the status quo ante.

Such promises and predictions seems very extravagant as the news pours in, continuing to describe a very grim situation that has shown little trends to the better. Among other things, McKenna has referenced the 1999 Kargil crisis as an example of successful American diplomatic mediation between Islamabad and New Delhi. It would be a height of unfounded optimism, however, to expect a replay of that incident's resolution.

Since the end of the Cold War the United States, in a myopic miscalculation of the strategic situation, has steadily decreased its presence in Central Asia, increasingly relying on India to keep the stability in the region. Strengthening ties between the US and India, inevitably alarmed Pakistan, which was increasingly feeling abandoned by its erstwhile Cold War ally. It was only logical that Islamabad would turn toward Beijing in order to maintain strategic parity with its great rival.

As a result the United States finds itself with very little clout over Islamabad today, and the influence of China is not yet strong enough in Pakistan to force it to back down from its increasingly militant posture. Meanwhile, on the other side of the border India continues to mobilize its troops, massing 300 000 troops on the border, according to the latest estimates, and contributing to the volatility of the situation.

Moreover, there are steady reports asserting that General Musharraf has been placed under a house arrest by a military junta, which is now in de-facto control of Pakistan. These news were stridently denied by Islamabad and dismissed as a pernicious rumor, spread by India. The government spokesperson explained General Musharraf's recent unavailability on his sickness, brought on by overwork. Islamabad has also issued denials that Benazir Bhutto and Nawaz Sharif, previously exiled leaders of opposition parties, have been sighted back within Pakistan.

Pervez Musharraf, who assumed the dictatorial power in Pakistan after his 1999 coup d'etat, has been dealing with an increasingly unstable country, but was able to maintain control - spurning the pressure from the West to hold elections or to relinquish his military title. As the martial law was declared and a curfew instituted in all the provincial capitals yesterday, however, the questions continue to mount whether this latest crisis has pushed Pakistan, a nuclear power, past the point of no return and set it on the road to violent and unpredictable dissolution.
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To: Jones, Tommy
From: Guthrie, Paige 
Subject: India


Would you come find me when you get a chance?  I'm out in the stables.  I need to talk to you about something.

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to: [Wisdom, Pete], [Frost, Emma]
from: [Kane, Garrison]
subject: India

Pete, I'll assume you've been following the news about India. It looks very likely that the UN security council is going to send in weapons inspectors to determine the origin of the bomb, mutant or otherwise. The FBI is joining with Interpol to send investigators in order to assist Pakistani and Indian efforts to determine what actually happened.

Obviously, this is a bad situation in all kinds of ways. Fred Duncan thinks that the mutant is the most likely source of the explosion, but the Bureau just doesn't have the people to figure out whether or not the guy was weaponized, modified by some government program, or just a wacko with immensely destructive powers. Ms Frost, I've gone through the files at the mansion, and you wrote or spearheaded most of the ones dealing with mutant weaponization that I could find.

Fred is willing to risk his job to slip some experts of my choosing into India with the team and see what we can find out. Pete, I need some of your people and contacts if I'm going to have a hope in hell. Forward this to any of your people you're willing to spare, and let me know how you can help, if at all.

I'm leaving for India tomorrow morning.

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"Hello and welcome back to the program, my friends."

The diminutive man behind the desk smiled and gestured expansively. "I am Dr. Faisal Al-Qassem, the host of the Opposite Direction. Later in the show we will be joined by the famous British journalist and historian Robert Fisk, and the Scottish politician, author and talk-show host Mr. George Galloway, to discuss the events that are on everyone's mind right now."

The Syrian anchor's face assumed a somber mask as he gestured to the bright blue screen behind him. "First however, an al-Jazeera exclusive. We are able to bring to you the first inkling of the organization that has carried out an unprecedented operation within Indian-occupied province of Kashmir. These are their words..."

The camera panned until the grainy visage of a amateurishly taped video filled the screen, revealing a trio of figures, sitting crouched on a carpet of a darkened room.

Their faces concealed by the carefully tacked turbans, all were gripping an AK in one hand and a curved shamshir sword in another as they stared stoically into the camera. The pause stretched, until the man in the middle finally spoke, his gravely voice measuring out words with metronomic, dispassionate regularity.

"We declare our responsibility for what happened in Srinagar. We promise that it is but the beginning of the vengeance that Allah, the Allknowing, the Source of Peace, the Maker of Order will exact though us upon the unbelievers, the defilers of the House of Islam and the oppressors of the Faithful.

All those who collaborate with the criminals Musharraf, Singh, McKenna, Hu Jintao and their lapdog allies will face the heavenly justice of the Prophet's sword, hallowed be His name and Peace be upon Him.

Know that this is a response to the crimes that you have committed upon this world. Your insane ravages of the world will no longer be tolerated.

You love life and we love death, which gives an example of what the Prophet Muhammad said.

If you don't stop your injustices, more and more blood will flow and the will of Allah will manifest again, as it did yesterday, to strike fear in the hearts of the unbelievers through his gifted and devoted servants, if God so wills it.

We are not the weak-willed betrayers of Faith like Taliban. We shall make no peace with the enemies of God, we shall hound you to your homes and see your families dead and your children weeping.

Beware our wrath.

This is a statement by the military spokesman for the Sons of Bakr, Abu Jihad al-Afghani."

The tape ended, and the brightly lit studio was back on the screen as al-Qassem dabbed at his forehead with a hankerchief. "Well. That was certainly a string statement, from an apparently new group of separatists in Indian-administered Kashmir. It will certainly give our guests and myself much to talk about once we'll be back from our commercial break."
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Disturbing video just obtained by CNN shows what appears to be a young
mutant praying just seconds before the nuclear explosion that
devastated the city of Srinagar in northern India. The live feed from
an unidentified local news camera was broadcasting via satellite,
filming the crowds attending the Rath Yatra festival.

The video appears to be focusing on the children dancing, but on the
edge of the video a young man kneeling in prayer is clearly seen.
Moments later, a white glow illuminates his hands, and then body. The
man appears to be praying as the light intensifies and then the feed
is lost.

Experts at CNN examined the video fragment and have determined there
is no visible evidence of any nuclear device or bomb.

As reported yesterday, what appears to be nuclear explosion took place
yesterday in Srinagar. Reports indicate as many as 300,000 people
could be dead, with more casualties expected.

Check back with CNN as we continue to monitor further developments.
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"... we now interrupt out broadcast for the special report on the horrific tragedy that has befallen India earlier today. For details we go to to our chief Washington correspondent, Jim Angle. Jim?"

The dumpy balding man smiled into the camera, professionalism settling over his face in a stone mask as he inclined his head in a cordial greeting to the audience. "Thank you, Brit. We are now receiving word from the Pentagon. As you probably have heard there have been rumors of a report put together for the President as to the nature of the attack. We can now confirm that and offer some details."

Correcting his glasses, Angle glanced toward the sheaf of papers in his hands. The edifice of the Capitol and the heat-drenched streets of DC, formed an incongruously peaceful backdrop to the other side of the split screen, which in turn offered grotesque and grisly images from Kashmir and the ever upwardly revised estimates of the casualties.

"The Pentagon has come to the conclusion that the attack in Srinagar was not a result of a missile-delivered explosive, but rather something colloquially referred to as a 'suit-case' bomb. While the speculation continues as to the source and the nature of the explosives that resulted in the nuclear blast, the Pentagon analysts can offer a definitive assurance that the bomb was smuggled into India by an individual or individuals, rather than through the means of a ballistic warhead. Pentagon's spokesperson cautioned that the investigation is still on going and in a warning clearly addressed to New Delhi, cautioned against jumping to conclusions. Brit?"

"Thank you, Jim. And of course, once again, our condolences go out to the victims and their families. We now go to our panel...."
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I apologize for the unsolicited advice, but it might be a good idea to restrict students to school grounds for a few days, until the Indian situation becomes clearer.

Depending on who is involved, New York might very well face some sort of concurrent 'message' intending to stop the US from interfering.

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July 1, 2008 5:35 AM

DELHI, India - In the wake of the attack that left Srinagar nothing more than a smoking crater and with some experts estimating the death toll to be in the hundreds of thousands, Pakistan and India find themselves on the brink of a nuclear war. Reeling from the attack, India has laid the blame of the weapon that destroyed Srinagar and, despite protests from other governments, are in the process of mobilizing their border forces.

A spokesman from the Pakistani government has denied any and all involvement with yesterdays sudden attack. In retaliation to India's mobilization they, too, are preparing their forces in case of a retaliatory strike.

Srinagar has been a hot spot of contention between India and Pakistan and many are fearing the latest escalation will lead to full out war between the two countries. Something, the UN has stated, must be avoided at all costs. World leaders have been advocating no further escalation in military forces until the source of the bomb can be determined.

As the UN and the rest of the world grapple with the events that unfolded in the valley of Kashmir, India and Pakistan continue to prepare their armed forces for what some are saying might be an inevitable confrontation.

Associated Press Writer
Sadaqat Khan
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The north Indian city of Srinager was the site of a nuclear explosion this afternoon. Initial reports estimate at least 300,000 dead in the blast.

The explosion, which took place at 11:38 local time, has not yet been determined as either the result of an attack by another nation or an act of terrorism. India has ordered the mobilization of their military and has put their own nuclear arsenal on high alert.

Srinager was in the midst of a series of festivals leading up to Rath Yatra. Over forty thousand tourists travel to the city for the summer festival every year, and the explosion took place during one of the main events.

The Indian military has moved to isolate the site, and is in the process of evacuating people outside of the range of the blast site.

Prime Minister Singh has denounced the attack in the strongest possible terms. In a public call for calm, Singh vowed that India would not allow this attack to go unanswered, and that the people or nations responsible for the attack would face the full weight of the Indian military.

Britian, the United States, and China have offered humanitarian aid and assistance in the face of the attack.


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