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To: [Moira]
From: [Jean]
Subject: Fixing your husband?

Heard about what happened w/ Saul. Am sure you know that everyone's desire for homicide on that man has increased, so it's no surprise that mine has.

However, started mulling the problem over again and I want to do some tests. I've got an idea for a chemical check on his precog that could maybe be a temporary fix, but I'm going to need to do lots of blood tests...

Er, wait. Let me go back and start again.

All psi powers are EM in nature - this is known, and in theory it's a weakness but even Erik doesn't have the fine control/neurological understanding to interfere with tp/tk. It's just not doable, as far as I can tell, because brainwave patterns are too mutable. You can wipe them entirely, or you just can't do anything with them. Nate and Angie's precog, however, are electro-chemical, leading to the wacky coffee and chocolate effects they both suffer from. I believe that this is at the root of Nate's EMP problems - the theoreticals are escaping me at the moment (you and Hank are so much better at grasping the how of mutation functionality), but it makes sense from a logical point of view. No other telepath/telekinetic suffers from this EMP weakness, so it must be Nate's precog which is the weakness. The precog is affected by chemical changes and, specifically, can be kicked into high (uncontrollably high) gear with chocolate. Therefore there should be some other chemical or chemical mix which could, concievably, lower or cut off his precog (temporarily) and remove the EMP weakness.

But, well, you know. Nate + chemicals = wacky-not-so-fun. So is there any chance you could convince him to let me steal some (er, lots of) blood samples? Am going to go at this slowly.

And, it goes without saying, I would love to hear any ideas you have on the matter.

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To: [Haroun]
From: [Nate]
Subject: I suck

I'm sorry for losing it at you on the team board last night. I'd say I was in a state, but I think that's being redundant and it's not much of an excuse. I don't know what would have happened if you hadn't been there at the restaurant last night, but I doubt it would have been good.

So thanks, and sorry.
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From: al-Rashid, Haroun
To: Forge, John H
Subject: Need a quick diagnostic scan


I need a quick diagnostic scan of the 'ware. I was exposed the other day to some EMP - not very powerful, but I could definitely _feel_ it. Very strange.

Can I have you run a full diagnostic on the 'ware if you get a couple of moments? And would it be possible to Faraday cage off as much as possible to keep from being EMPed back to parapeligia?

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To: [Moira]
From: [Scott]
Subject: two questions

1) You doing all right? I know this has been a hellish week for you, too, and having your husband come home in a state probably hasn't improved it any. If you need a little, um, room, Jean or I could always swing by and pick up the littlest redhead. Rachel's taken a bit of a shine to Horatio.

2) I don't suppose you'd check the aforementioned hysterical husband for a microchip? Or something? I'll be damned if I can figure out how his psychotic relatives keep tracking him down.

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To: [Cain]
From: [Ani]
Subject: I see they didn't deactivate my email account...

That's really nice.

I thought I should tell you I killed the wall. I didn't actually mean to, but I hit it once and then it looked all asymmetrical.

And I think I should probably stop typing because my hands are bleeding on the keyboard.


PS: Why do my friends keep dying? Do you know? Because I'd really like an answer to that question one of these days. I think I might just start walking and asking whoever I meet. Maybe they'll know.
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To: [Cain]
From: [Nate]
Subject: and no sooner do I try and nap...

... then I get a phone call. I gather GW just flew in to meet with a couple of MacInnis's contacts after a very successful outing in Mali. You feel like heading into town tomorrow to meet him for lunch? I'm liable to be jetlagged enough still that I'm not sure I'd trust myself to drive.



To: [absent wife]
From: [stinky husband]
Subject: wherefore art thou?

I thought you were planning to be back with the munchkin by now - something come up?

We just got in around lunchtime. Things went pretty well in Kazakhstan, although it's going to need some follow-up. I also have a metric ton of gifts for you and Ray from the nomads. They were highly indignant that I didn't bring the two of you along. I might have promised them I would maybe rectify that at some point in the not-too-distant future. When the weather's nicer, maybe?

Love you, but definitely catching a nap now. Am SO jetlagged.
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To: [Doug], [Forge], [Kitty], [Paige]
From: [Moira]
Subject: Muir and a Favor

I've promised you all a bit of a retreat at one point or another to Muir. Unfortunately, right now it's coming because I need a favor. We just had an...incident yesterday on Muir and my computer and security systems were breached. We don't know the extent just yet, if it's simply hacking into the database or tampering with the physical parts of it.

I'm heading back to the Mansion in a day or two but I was wondering if any of you would be up for a weekend jaunt back over to take a look at the systems? I normally would open this up to everyone but, well, the security is a little spooked. (It is, however, perfectly safe.)

Paige, I want you to come, if you can, because I'm going to need some help.

Doug, if you wish, you can bring Angie. Kitty, this is extended for Jamie as well, and Paige for Jono.

If all of you wish to come, perfect, it's going to take a few hours to go through everything and multiple hands make the work pass much faster.

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To: [X-Teams], [Xavier, Charles]
From: [mmactaggart@muirfacility.org]
Subject: The 'Visit'

Since I don't believe I have access to the X-Teams directly, I'm dropping you all a line with the details of what happened yesterday morning.

Around 11 am, Gideon Faraday suddenly appeared on Muir Island, heading for the Facility. My security staff have been briefed for certain individuals and they contacted me right away. We were able to put the lock down measures into place before he got too far, removing as many people as we could from the range that I believe he has.

Since he obviously wasn't there for a tour, I went out to meet him--watched very carefully by my security staff, of course. Looking back, I realize he was stalling for time but then I assumed he was simply attempting to bait me. Really, he was trying to do both.

Feeling threatened, both by his presence and his words, I drew the hand gun I had taken out with me. After an...exchange he suddenly approached me.

So I shot him in the shoulder.

It was right after that he vanished. As I returned to the Facility, I was told that a new nurse of mine, Elspeth, had suddenly vanished right in front of Dr. Connor's eyes. We then discovered that my personal computer had been hacked into and certain files were copied. I'm still going through the system to see what else was tampered with and I'll have a full list of the files in question by tomorrow morning.

I'm fine, Rachel's fine and everyone here at Muir is fine, if shaken.

I'll be home in a few days.

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To: [Nate]
From: [GW]
Subject: heads-up

We're off to hit the Mali camp this week. Shouldn't be more than three-four days, but I wanted to let you know so that you didn't wonder where we were if you tried to get in touch with us.

Wish us luck? This one's liable to be tough, but Mac's pulling strings for all he's worth to try and get them to draw down the troops in the area. Then again, you do keep telling me that I have enough mutantpower these days to overthrow small countries...

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To: [Angelo], [Wanda], [Haroun]
From: [Nathan]
Subject: plans

The visa issue resolved itself a little faster than expected - Kazakhstan's rules are a little Byzantine, but whatever contact Charles has was able to fast-track them for us. So I've gone ahead and booked our flights for tonight. We've got a plane leaving for Frankfurt at 9pm, then a few hours layover there tomorrow morning before the connecting flight to Almaty.

We're going to stay with the nomads, by the way - I hope no one's got any objections to that, but we've got to do a fair bit of talking to them, specifically the families making the complaints about how their children are being treated. Our hosts are in their winter camp between Almaty and Khorogos; the school's in the vicinity of Lake Balkhash, so it works out well. We'll have to take some equipment with us for the purposes of recording and reproducing - I'll take care of that.


PS: The winter in Kazakhstan is apparently very, very cold this year.


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