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I have some difficult news. Lilandra Neramani has just been arrested by her brother under charges of treason. She believes that her brother has engineered the recent bombings in New Delhi in order to create a pretext under which Indian forces can occupy Pakistan. I've taken a look at our most recent satellite imagery, and it looks like she's right. There are massive movements of armor and artillary in and around the Thar Desert near the borders, and we've noted heat blooms in the engines of their carrier fleet in Mumbai, which means they're going to be moving the fleet soon.

Take a look at the information, and I'll arrange a secure line to talk to you directly.

I think it's actually happening, Charles. God help us all when it starts.


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Two explosions rocked India's capital, as two separate bombs exploded in downtown New Delhi, collapsing one building and killing at least 52 people today. Responsibility for the explosion has been taken by the Lashkar-e-Taiba, a fundamentalist Pakistani Muslim group which has called for the withdrawl of all Indian troops from the Kashmir region.

Prime Minister Neramani condemned the attacks in the strongest possible language, vowing that his government would 'hunt these terrorists to the ends of the earth, regardless of where they sought shelter, with or without the assistance of the United Nations'. Insiders have said the speech may represent another setback in American/Indian relations, which have grown increasingly strained over the last year.
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Reports from Indian and Pakistani media have reported an earthquake measuring 6.6 on the Richter scale has struck Kashmir, the disputed border region between India and Pakistan. Reports indicate that the quake completely wiped out entire towns and villages in Northern Pakistan, and surrounding areas also suffering severe damage.

Witnesses report roads buried in rubble and many affected areas remain inaccessible at this time. Aftershocks have already begun to effect the already damaged buildings, and it is feared that the death toll will rise considerably before they are finished.

General Paul Vandemeer, the commander of the UN Task Force in Pakistan, has issued a statement appealing for aid to the global community and health organizations. "The earthquake has not only killed thousands and destroyed countless homes and infestructure, but it has also cut off access to many regions on either side of the border in the Kashmiri province. A second, massive wave of death will happen if we do not step up our efforts now to reach these areas and establish access to clean water, shelter and medical aid."

The UN estimates that as many as 300,000 people may have been left homeless and isolated in the wake of the event, although they would not speculate on a possible death toll at this time.

CNN will continue to monitor the situation as it develops.


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