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To: [Makerboy]
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To: [Summers, S.], [Munroe, O.], [Xavier, C.]
From: [Forge, JH]
Subject: Brief sabbatical

I will be departing Wednesday for Edinburgh, Scotland, for a four-week study under Dr. McCoy at the Edinburgh offices of the Muir Island Research Centre. I'll be honest - this weekend's incident was a contributing factor, coupled with the events of the past few weeks. I just need to get away from things for a while, and immerse myself in an environment devoid of stress and hostility, somewhere where I can concentrate on my work and my studies.

I have enclosed all the necessary security data keys for the secure servers, and despite this being a sabbatical, I will have some method of communication available to me at all times. I may be stretched to my limits, but I am not a moron.

This isn't a criticism of the other staff members, or the school, or the team. This is solely an opportunity for me to get my head on straight. There are projects on Muir that I can provide consulation on, and a few scientists in Edinburgh and London have expressed interest in one or two of my projects.

My expected return is around the end of February, depending on the progress Dr. McCoy and I are making. I expect to be able to return to my full duties and responsibilities then.


J.H. Forge
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