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to: ndayspring@xavier.edu
from: ****@***.net

Nathan! My old friend! The boy has been getting into too much trouble without me. I say it's time for Papa to visit, put some fear back into the mocchito. What do you say? Care to help your old friend bend some things?

- Luis Richter
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To: [Lorna]
From: [Nate]
Subject: awake over there?

I'm wondering if someone should call Luis. I guess this is me volunteering, but I thought I'd ask someone on the right continent if there were any additional details beyond "Julio stopped an earthquake but he'll be all right" that should be passed on.

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J - got 411 on quake. Text when you wakeup. Worried. Want KFC? Haha.

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to: [D'Ancato, Marie]
from: [Kane, Garrison]

Hey babe,

Yes, I'm still alive. My cellphone died a couple of days ago, so I just got your message today. Walt keeps suggesting that I get an iPhone, which is really his way of saying that I should bring one up from the States and then lose it in the first week so he can take it.

Haven't seen the outside of Department H since I arrived. Director Colcord is in a particularly foul mood. I think his contacts have whispered something about the space laser to him, and since I won't confirm it, he's trying to strong arm more information out of me. Heather and Minister MacDonald know I'm hiding something to do with my injuries, and they're not particularly happy with me either. I picked up an application for Harvey's just in case.

Seriously though, I don't know if I'll be coming back. By not telling the Canadian government, I'm violating my oath and a couple of laws. If it comes down to it, withholding information is more than enough reason for them to terminate my role as a liasion. Technically, they might even remove me as an RCMP officer, although I doubt that. Japan could very well have been my last trip in the leathers.

Speaking of trips, there's a conference in Japan in a couple of weeks they're shipping me off to. All about mutants and the modern school system. A bunch of the specialists from the Gamma Flight initiative have been invited to talk about the Canadian program, and I'm getting shipped along as window dressing. I saw Xavier's listed on the endorsements, so I'll keep an eye out for the school there.

In any case, I'm talking with Joseph again. About Magneto and the situation. Can't say I'm any happier about it, but at least he's providing some kind of perspective. Who knows? Maybe I'll even have my head together next time I see you.




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