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To: [grasshopper]
From: [wicked witch of NY]

Subject: Field trip

Pack up your bags, grasshopper, we're going on a road trip. ;)

I've managed to get hold of my old teacher in New Orleans, a houdon called Tante Mattie. She's agreed to see you and talk to you about the whole magic deal, if I bring you down to meet her. I'm thinking of driving, mostly 'cause I don't think you and a plane full of people is a good combination right now - not that I don't trust you, but planes get delayed and you're still learning to control things.

I'm emailing your teachers to get permission to nab you for about a week. February 13 through to the 22nd or so. And hey, there won't be any snow!


To: [Xavier's Staff]
From: [Sefton, Amanda]

Subject: Requesting a week's absence for Nico Minoru

Afternoon, all.

You probably all know I've been tutoring Nico in magic and such. I was hoping to be able to take her down to New Orleans with me to meet with one of my old instructors, Tante Mattie, who I think will be able to help her a lot with this mutant power of hers. I'd be looking at having her away from February 13 through to the 22nd - I don't think a plane would be good for her right now, so I'm going to drive.

I know she has classes on, so if her teachers could make sure she has plenty of work to do in the car, I'll make sure she does it. Let me know if there's any problems.

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To: [kane]
From: [ramsey]
Subject: The 'dear john' club inaugural meeting

Pick the watering hole. I'm buying.



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