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[1/5] Guess who's back early from her trip?
[2/5] And guess who fucked around on his girlfriend YET AGAIN?
[3/5] BONUS ROUND: guess who left in his private fucking jet and stranded someone w/o money or their passport?
[4/5] Don't ask how I got back but some serious favors had to be called in.
[5/5] And now I'll be getting drunk or something idk fuck.
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Sorry I've been drunk and high and completely forgot the month of October existed

Crap, is it November already? Shit

I have no recollection of ever setting anything up

(1) Sorry babe! I didn't think I'd have to be so busy at work, and fuck, one thing after another...feel bad we keep having to postpone our trip, but what about tomorrow? I know, I know, short notice, but we could go tomorrow, be back by the weekend? Sound good?

(2) Super sorry...
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From: Warren Worthington [worthington3@gmail.com]

To: [b.morse@gmail.com]

Subject: konnichiwa

Okay, flights are booked for our anniversary, babe. October 20 to October 26. I wanted to make it longer, but no dice -- Daddy dearest says I have to be here for our AGM. Boo.

Still debating on the hotel. I mean, obviously we're going to Nishimura but I don't know if you want the Kangetsu room or the Asuka. I've also made arrangements to have private hot spring sessions, co-ed even. It's amazing how money makes all cultural norms go away, but I don't want anyone else intruding on our time together.

Anyways, as you know, money is never an object, so if there's anything you want to do, tell me or else I'll just end up planning it all ...and yes, you read that right: I'm planning. Jolene's grubby little hands aren't anywhere near this, and I think she's jealous.


- W
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(1) Okay sorry again, babe. Really, I mean it this time. No more fucking up, I swear.

(2) <3 Sent you something. It should in your office by now. Again, I really don't know how I broke your sunglasses...I was pretty high last night.

(3) See you later??
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(1) Hey babe, just wanted to send you a message and let you know I'm thinking of you and hope you're having a good day. <3

(2) You're a rockstar, and you kick ass for putting up with me. Sorry this week was such a mess, I double booked myself yesterday and yeah...I didn't mean to leave you waiting. Hope I made up for it last night though ;) ;)

(3) ILU
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(1) Okay. You haven't answered the last 100 texts I sent, but 101 should work right? I'm worried about you. I can leave, you can have the penthouse and the servants, I don't care.

(2) I miss you, Bobbi. So much. Come home, please.... or at least back to NY.
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[1/3] Hey, am back in town now. Didn't go far, just an hour's drive or so away, but yeah. Back now.
[2/3] Am in a hotel for now, one that thankfully lets you have a dog. We should talk when you have time.
[3/3] Also I hope you like dogs, and also also I have a dog now. FYI.
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1/2 Hey. Checkin in. Haven't heard from you since Thursday.
2/2 You alright?
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I just wanted to apologize about what happened with Warren. Long story short, there was some psionic interference that temporarily affected my mind. Warren and I didn't sleep together. I left before it got too far once I realized something was going on. You don't have to respond but I wanted to let you know.
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To: [Amanda, Clarice, Marie-Ange, Quentin]
From: [Bobbi]
Subject: A question...

Hey all,

I'm copying all of y'all on here, as I think each of you may have an answer for me and I'm too lazy to send out individual e-mails.

Where would one go if one were interested in getting a tattoo? Hypothetically speaking of course.

And, if one were going to actually get one, would one come with... one?

Asking for a friend.

(Ok it's me but shh it's supposed to be a surprise)
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From: Morse, Bobbi
To: Abbott, Hope
Subject: RE: An police report
Attachment: Scanned_documents.pdf

Hey Hope,

I made a few phone calls and called in some favors. There's not a lot of digital records around about that, oddly enough, though I suppose it was over twenty years ago.

However, a friend of a friend found an old file and scanned what she came up with, and I'm forwarding you those attachments. I hope it's useful for you.

- B
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From: Abbott, Hope
To: Worthington, Warren 
Subject: An old report 

Dear Mr. Worthington, 

I was wondering if you would be able to assist me with some personal research. I am looking into an old incident, namely an burglary in 1993 at WI. It would be really helpful for me if I could get the WI internal report(s).

The information would be treated discretely, in case that helps to allay any concerns. 

In the hope of your assistance, 

Hope Abbott 


From: Abbott, Hope
To: Morse, Bobbi 
Subject: An police report

Hi Bobbi, 

I was wondering if you could help me with some personal research. I am looking into an old break in at Worthington Industries in 1993 and it would be really helpful if I could get my hands on any police reports of that incident. My own contacts have not panned out and I was hoping you might have someone who can help. 

Thanking in advance, 
Hope Abbott

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To: [X-Factor Investigations]
From: [Morse, Bobbi]
Subject: New intel

Hey all,

I was approached by an informant who provided me with new intel. There's another mutant experiencing the same symptoms, and she thinks that she can arrange a meeting.

There may be objects in her possession which we can retrieve and pass along to have examined as well. This could be a big breakthrough for us.

- B
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To: [X-Factor Investigations]
From: [Morse, Bobbi]
Subject: Investigation Request

Hey all,

I received a request from Dr. Grey to investigate a recent pattern of sick mutants with similar symptoms that keep getting worse over time. They're not all from District X either, but from all over the area.

The medlab is going to send us more information, but I wanted to put you all on alert. Hopefully we can get to the bottom of this before things get any worse.

- B
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To: [Morse, Bobbi]
From: [Grey, Jean]
Subject: Investigation Request


A few members of the medical staff, including myself, have noticed people checking into area hospitals with boils on the skin, difficulty breathing, and vomiting. They're being treated and released, but come back with the same symptoms--only worse.

The only connecting factor between them seems to be that they're mutants. There's not a specifically localized area. A few of them are from District X, but they're also all around the city as well.

There are a few theories floating around as to the case, but I suspect it might be some kind of poison or foreign contaminant.

Would you and XFI mind looking into it? I'd be happy to get with the rest of the medlab staff to see what other information we can give to you.
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[Text to Sue, Bobbi, and Hope]
Hey, So. This year Alex and I are getting married. I think we settled for an October timish wedding. BUT I need help. I can't plan this on my own and every time I open a Wedding magazine my head spins.

[Text to Wanda]
Hey sis. I need to talk to you. In person. Soon.
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1/2 our trip is tomorrow. I've spammed your inbox with last minute details. did you get it? remember, you need to get a new wardrobe, I need a new luggage set, and we both need for you to double check all the dinner reservations in Tokyo.

2/2 did you also do those family histories I asked for? and the dossiers? what about the research?im being very nice to you by the way with these reminders. jolene wouldn't get them, and then I'd yell at her. loudly.

(5 mins later)

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[1/2] Sorry for disappearing last night, work came up. You know how it is. But if this is a job offer then count me in.

[2/2] Besides if you have to listen to listen me then it'll be more like fun for me haha. And also Japan, so.


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