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to: [Summers, Scott], [Xavier, Charles], [Dayspring, Nathan], [Dane, Lorna]
from: [Hohnhohnhohn, Remy]

subject: Europe

So, I'm off to Europe next week. There's a few issues right now on my past that I need to clear up, and I want to look closer into the death of Wisdom's father and a little box of poisoned bon-bons sent by Manuel's father. There's something too conveinant in the timing, and I want to do a little digging. If you need me, the normal cell/e-mail will be ready. I shouldn't be gone more than a few days.

Oh, Marie-Ange and Amanda helped save ten or twenty thousand lives in New Orleans last. Whatever mutant version of a gold star this place has should be given to them. Juyst a suggestion.

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to: [X-StaffALL]
from: [LeBeau, GoGo]
subject: Field Trip


Just a bit of a warning. I have to go down New Orleans next week to repay a debt I owe over Marie-Ange's little mental theater of Death last November. Tante Mattie has made the offer for her to come down with me, in order to fix the issues with her Sight. As well, Amanda is going to tag along to get a bit of magical instruction from someone that isn't a sheltered mage. Both of the girls have agreed, so we'll be leaving right after the Columbia memorial next week, and will be back around the start of Mardi Gras.

About the memorial, I've done a little preliminary checking. Despite the high profile, it doesn't seem like anyone is making hints about hitting it other than the normal lager-courage FoH bottomfeeder, so it should be fairly secure. I'm going to be doing perimeter duty during it, but without telling the students. No sense getting them worried.

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to: [Colbert, Marie-Ange], [Sefton, Amanda]
from: [ToCajunToBeForReal, Remy]
subject: Tante Mattie

As soon as I find out who's fucking around with this e-mail, I swear. I know this thing you can do with piano wire, two mice, and a bottle of ginger beer...

I just got off the phone with Tante Mattie, the houghoun that helped you, Marie-Ange, back in November. She's called in a favour, and I'm leaving for New Orleans next week. When I spoke with her, so agreed to meet with you to try and work on the loa that's tainting your Sight. Even offered to teach you a little. Amanda, she's extended the same offer to you. Not for the Sight, but for your magic.

Now, a note of warning. We'll likely be down there for a couple of weeks. Tante Mattie is not the type of person to suffer fools gladly. If you go down there and waste her time, the response will not be pleasent. She's a stone cold bitch most of the time, and most people would rather cut off something important than cross her. If you both take her up on the offer, be ready to bite your tongues and duck your heads, if you want to keep them.

Let me know who I should say is coming.

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to: [Dayspring, Nathan]
from: [LeBeau, Edna]
Subject: Marie-Ange

The e-mail is getting worse, and now every time I sit down to watch Neighbours, the TiVO calls me a pillock. I'm inclined to believe this is no longer accidental.

Look, I'm likely going to have to head down to New Orleans soon. I can just feel Tante's vibes reaching up here. I'm thinking that it might be best to offer Marie-Ange a chance to meet her. I don't know if Tante'll say yes (or if the price of doing that will be one of my eyes or something), but I wanted to get your input on it. Is her Sight something you can train, or does she need to look elsewhere?

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to: [Dayspring, Nathan]
from: [LeBeau, Semy]
subject: Marie-Ange

Right, I know what's happened. Or at least what's happening. Bear with me on this.

Marie-Ange's spirit has been tainted by the loa of Sousson-Pannan. In voudon culture, the 'gods' are represented by their loa, which can travel the earth, and manifest either in someone, or seperately. Whether this sounds like merde or not, I have seen the magic work. According to Tante, Marie-Ange's spirit hasn't come all the way back, instead dancing with Baron Samedi, the god of sexual passions, revelery, and the cemetary. But her sight is coming through Sousson-Pannan.

In normal terms, I think it means that she's seen something that's knocked her Sight out of whack, and left it open. Sousson-Pannan represents death, petrufication, evil. Pretty nasty type. If her Sight has been effected by it, that might explain why she's not seeing anything but death.

I've... made a bargain with a houngan named Tante Mattie. She says that she can cleanse the taint. But this things always have a hidden cost, Nathan. Let me know what you want to do.

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To: LeBeau, Remy
From: Ramsey, Doug
Subject: Marie-Ange


I don't know what is going on with Marie-Ange, but I have a feeling it's something more than exhaustion. I tried to come visit her in the Medlab, but she was extremely worked up and telling me I needed to see the doctors because I had blood all over my shirt. I think she may be hallucinating or something. Has she been hallucinating things about you? If she hasn't, and you've managed to calm her down, I guess that's good. Just...please take care of her for me? I'm really worried, and I hate this feeling that I can't do anything to help her.

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to: [Xavier, Charles], [Dayspring, Nathan], [Wisdom, Pete], [ALL Medical Staff]
from: [LeBeau, Romy]
subject: Marie-Ange

Marie-Ange is in the middle of a breakdown. There's nothing physically wrong with her that I can tell. Mind you, the idea of returning to the medical bay nearly caused her to rabbit out the window and leg it to another country. Apparently she's been seeing deaths on everyone. Horrible futures. She's hullucenating directly into her tarot cards.

For whatever reason, I don't seem to set her off. Guess the fact that I don't seem to have a future to pre-cogs is coming in handy. She screams everytime Cain comes up the stairs. Look, I'm going to keep her up in the boathouse until this can get figured out.

I'm sure everyone is going to have a nice big laugh at this, but I think she's been cursed. Seriously. I know a hougdoun back in New Orleans that is an expert on curses. Whatever we do, we better do it quick.



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