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(1/6) Hi Matty. I know you won't read this cause...y'know. But can I pretend that you did?
(2/6) So I bet you kicked butt. And I bet you saved a bunch of people cause...that's what X-People do. But I wish you'd been saved too.
(3/6) It's not fair. I know sometimes it happens. It just happens. But I don't like it. I don't like it that you have to be gone. The X-People are supposed to win. This isn't fair at all. But if you have to go...at least it's somewhere nice.
(4/6) Can you say hi to Yvette and Catseye and Tabitha and Mr. Guthrie for me? Maybe Heaven's like...somewhere you can do whatever you want and eat whatever you want and stuff. Oh! And your dad. Cause...you made him sound nice. And maybe Batman. (I know he's not real but it's Heaven, right?)
(5/6) Anyway...I should go. Cause, I know you gotta get back to meeting Batman and like...eating ice cream with the others and stuff.
(6/6) Bye Matty.

TXT to Matt

Jan. 3rd, 2015 08:57 am
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[1/2] Listen to the next text when other people aren't around.
[2/2] Dude, did you get laid?
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Typed note: You weren't around all weekend so happy late birthday
written underneath: Matt

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Molly came with me. Make sure she gets home okay.
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To: [Matt]
From: [Cece]
Subj: Sorry...

Gonna have to put X-Corps on the backburner this week, it looks like. So in fairness, how about you take the rest of the week off too? Do whatever it is boys your age do when they have no obligations.
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I hate demons, I hate the box, and I need to talk to someone who doesn't think I'm crazy.

Bring food?
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pajama pants

A card that says "Happy birthday Rachel! For 3am feedings," typed and Matt written carefully underneath.
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your evil little minion just attacked while I was asleep!

come get it! now!
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a cell phone case, a necklace, and a birthday card with Matt written in careful, slanted spidery print.
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Thanks for taking me to Prom last night. I know I said it last night but you looked very dashing.
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Dear Matt,

Thank you so much for the apron and the book. I just might need to organize a small dinner party soon to try them out.

Hope Abbott


Dear Sue,

Thank you for the lovely opera tickets. I heard Aida would be coming and wanted to see it so much!

Hope Abbott.


Along with a note for everyone else!


May. 19th, 2014 11:34 am
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To Angelo (text):

Jellybean. You're probably drunk off your fucking ass. When you're done, can you come to Muir and get drunk with my dad? He's being emo and I want to be a teen that can't deal with it. Mum's not helping. Bring friends if you want. We'll have a party.

To Matt (voice recording):

Sorry I missed your birthday. I'm with the parents now but you can have thoughts about how I'm supposed to make it up to you. I'll be back next we~ek. Probs. Toodles!

To Sooraya (text):

I probably shouldn't call everyone from our office out, but do you want to take some time off this week and pop by Muir? We can do girly things.
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With a tape recorder that has a recording of Cecilia saying "Trust me when I say you needed a new one of these. Happy birthday, buddy. Let's celebrate in style."

And behind the curtain... )

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To Clint
Thank you for the necklace. It's really pretty.

To Matt
Where did you find that? It's brilliant.
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in careful, slanted, but still scraggly handwriting on a piece of paper Sorry it's late. Happy birthday. Matt

book necklace
[identity profile] x-daredevil.livejournal.com
A birthday card with a gift card to get DVDs inside and a carefully written From Matt inside.


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