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To: [www], [esquina], [angie], [trouble], [mo chara]
From: [doug]
Subject: Help?

Had small panic attack. Accidental (and unknowing) triggering. Therapist ordered me to be off computer for at least 12 hours (made emergency call to him). Need to do...something. I don't know what.

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A framed photograph of People Covered in Fish during one of their performances, and a card saying "Breithlá sona duit, rua. Many happy returns of the day. I owe you a day of Not Thinking About It, birthday girl's choice. -D"
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Left on Terry's desk is a sealed envelope with her name written across the front in capital letters. Inside is a set of keys as well as a letter. The letter reads, "Terry - I am not sure if you have found a place of your own yet, but I remember that you were looking. I will not be using my apartment in District X any time in the near future and so I thought you might like to stay there. It is fully furnished, of course, and you should not worry about rent. If you prefer not, or if you have already found an apartment, please simply give the keys to the Professor. I am sure he will find some use for the space. Should you decide to stay, the larger keys are for the building door and the apartment door in the hallway. The smaller keys are for the windows. Au revoir. -JPB"
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Handwrapped journal, and on the first page is written,

I know it is a little low tech, but sometimes low tech makes your thoughts seem safer. Happy birthday, mo chara.
PS - The whiskey is to help you get your thoughts started, in case you need it. ;)
PSS - I also owe you an afternoon of doing no thinking at all.

Included in the package is a (small) bottle of the same whiskey that was MYSTERIOUSLY delivered to her on Valentine's day, along with a pair of pretty (but cheap) whiskey glasses.
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To: [rua]
From: [bard]
Subject: Beltane

A joyous Beltane to you, mo chara.

(I figured I'd celebrate an ACTUAL Gaelic holiday as opposed to that corporate St Patrick's Day BS)

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To: Hackz
From: Red
Subject: Need a little of your magic...

Down boyo, its your cyber skillz I am in need of. Your OTHER cyber skillz. ;) Got some records that I could get into if I felt like filling out a mass o' forms and trying to explain myself to three different people, but really I am just too lazy to do so. Also, it's personal curiosity, not professional. Think you can help?

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To: [mo chara]
From: [do chara]
Subject: St Patricks Day

Happy Corporately Manufactured Holiday Designed To Appropriate Another Culture And Sell Americans Crappy Beer!

(see also: Cinco De Mayo)

Though I might set aside my general cynicism long enough to pinch you if you're not wearing green...

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To: [rua]
From: [do chara]
Subject: Attilan

You doing okay? I saw Garrison's post, and your comment.

[identity profile] x-siryn.livejournal.com
Sent early morning...
To: [S.Summers]
From: [T.Cassidy]
Subj: Travel

Have arrived, flight went smoothly. Hunkering down in the hotel to wait. Fingers crossed.

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Let me know if there's anything I can do? Shopping? Food? Copious amounts of alcohol? Some combination thereof?
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To: [terry]
From: [doug]
Subj: Hey.

Talked to Jubilee. :/
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to: [Grey, Jean], [Cassidy, Theresa]
from: [Kane, Garrison]

Either of you up for a little trip at the end of the month? Sooraya has been subpoened to testify in Attilan and she's a little worried with this Sayyid character out on the loose that there could be trouble. The Professor agrees.

I already spoke to the Attilan Embassy, and they suggested that a brief bit of international observation between their law enforcement and the FBI would be welcomed. I'm not that worried, with Angelo and Yvette already going with her, but better safe than sorry, eh?

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To: [siren songstress]
From: [lost at sea]
Subject: Soap?

So. There's a bar of soap with a mermaid on it that got delivered to my office. You wouldn't happen to know anything about that, would you? :P

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Delivered to Doug's office...

Mermaid, wrapped in fancy tissue paper and ribbon, and a note with no name signed:
Heard through the grapevine you may be in need of this.
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TO: Mr. Drake
FROM: Mrs. Drake
SUBJ: Holiday plans?

Just back, looks like I should be in town for Christmas. Are you? Are we...?

One request. No inlaws, please?
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To: [terry]
From: [dougie]
Subject: re: 'enough' sinning

I suppose I define 'enough' as a sufficient quantity to require confession? :)

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To: [Terry]
From: [Crystal]
Subject: [Idea]


I have had an idea in which I could use your help and participation. I will be at the mansion tomorrow. Is there a time when you would be available to meet with me and see whether or not my idea holds interest for you?



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