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I am afraid I've just been informed that Namor was killed in combat today. He skipped his flight home when he didn't have to and came back to the mansion to help us. He even went to India to help us out even though he wasn't a member of any of the teams involved.

I've been in touch with his Attilan to inform his parents and the rest of his family. I know he had made a lot of friends here at the mansion, and I jsut wanted to say, I'm sorry. 
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I hear there was a fight downstairs yesterday. I am glad you made my effort somewhat worth it.
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[1/2] Feel fortunate that I know people.
[2/2] Do whatever thing it is that you do to make this stick.
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Cece says I owe you consolation pie. What kind do you want?
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Stuck at boathouse with Satan. If I'm not back in a half hour, send help. Also, a body bag.

Attached Picture )
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[1/2] 🙌💼💧
[2/2] No, this still an idiotic means of expression.
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dude nobody told you? shit. Hope and Laurie are missing. like missing missing.
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[1/2] You are late.

[1/2] It is common courtesy to inform someone of delays, and I plan to leave without you if you do not show in five more minutes. I know you know better.
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To: [Mazur, Namor]
From: [Summers. Scott]

Subject: Your father


I just got off the phone with your parents, and I don't believe that I've ever head anyone shout at me so loud. They're not best pleased about what happened with The Dweller and are concerned about the security situation for you.

I think I managed to convince them not to drag you back to Attilan but that's about it. I thought you deserved a heads up since I assume they'll be wanting to talk to you next.

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[1/2] There are chess pieces swimming in the pool.
[2/2] Who do I blame for this.
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To: Sefton, Amanda
From: Mazur, Namor
Subject: Magic Cave Examination Dates

Cara Dra. Amanda,

I have been required to provide a calendar of my obligations for the rest of the summer term and would like to be able to account for when we plan to visit the cave from last summer. Please let me know what time your schedule may provide.

Um abraço,

Dimidium facti qui coepit habet

Marques de McKenzie
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A seahorse tie )

Note reads:
Thank you for the money! Holy moly! And the book!
I didn't know it was your birthday! Wow, ours are close! Here's a tie! - Molly
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One wrapped edition of Emily Post's Etiquette, 18th Edition with a notecard placed under the front cover:

"Senhora Hayes:

Another year brings new opportunities for growth and maturity.


Namor, Marques de McKenzie
Royal House of Agon, Soveriegn Kingdom of Attilan

Additionally, paired with the note is a gift of $500 American dollars.


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