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To: [Ramsey]
From: [Barton]
Subject: Before I forget...

I need you to look into scrubbing somebody's info from the 'net, if you can. I'm gonna ask you in like two seconds in person, but I figure there's a fairly good chance one or both of us will forget it given the amount of alcohol that'll be flowing after this round of Monopoly.

Her name's Darcy Lewis. She got outed as a mutant, Fox News blew it up, she got doxxed. Things are looking kinda grim.

I'll owe you half of whatever I get trolled with next if you can take down the sites that have her info on them.

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Yeah, Jane? It's Darcy, look I know you're probably doing SCIENCE! but hey.. I really need you to get in touch with me because apparently a bunch of ridiculous news sites think I'm a mutant and you know normally I'd just laugh it off. I mean I tried laughing it off but it started spreading to reputable sites and work told me to just wait it out and tow the office line but I've started getting these phone calls and someone spraypainted the door on the satellite office we use and like... I'm a little freaked out, here, okay? Do you know of anywhere I can stay until this blows over or I can get back to my family? Please?
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I swear if Fox News got any more anti-mutant they'd just start handing out pitch forks at their press conferences and telling people to have at it.
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PHILADELPHIA, PA – Rep. Ramona Scott D-Pa. may have a mutant working on her staff, according to a new report obtained by Fox News.

An anonymous source submitted DNA samples that are allegedly from various members of Scott's office, and the results were detailed in a copy of the medical report. That report alleges that media relations assistant Darcy Lewis has the mutant gene.

A representative in Scott's office denied any knowledge of a mutant on staff and questioned the truth of the medical reports, stating that they were quite possibly fabricated to do damage to Scott's work for the Democratic Party.

Darcy Lewis has not replied to requests for comment.


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