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To: Summers, Scott
From: Yoshida, Shiro
Subject: Alex's status

Mr. Summers,

Has there been any word regarding when Alex will be let out of the infirmary? As much as I have enjoyed having a room to myself for the past two months, I would like to see one of the other beds occupied again.

And I would like to speak with you about him. I had a few fleeting ideas that I would like to run by you at your earliest convenience. Thank you.

-Yoshida Shiro

To: Summers, Alex
From: Yoshida, Shiro
Subject: How are you?


I don't know if they are letting you check your e-mail or the journal system, but I figured it couldn't hurt if I tried to contact you over this medium in any case. How are you feeling now? Do you think you will be able to move back to the dorm soon? It's clean and ready for another resident.

Oh, and I don't think I ever had the chance to thank you for the Christmas gift you gave me. I say you come back here and we play a game together.

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To: Colbert, Marie-Ange
From: Frost, Emma
Cc: Summers, Scott; MacTaggart, Moira
Subject: Alex


After our little conversation the other week, I thought I should let you know; one of your dreams has saved a life. The reason I was able to get to Alex was because of you.

You see, the dream you had about him the other day, in which you saw him lying asleep, spears at his side and a dog at his feet? That's the pose of a very great statue by Canova, a statue of Endymion, who was the lover of the goddess Selene. Our Selene, her namesake, is the statue's current owner. I saw it in her home, and realised at once why you dreamed of Alex in that same pose. Selene had made an Enymion of our Alex.

So, you should be very pleased with yourself, Marie-Ange. We couldn't have done it without you. Alex owes you his freedom and his life. You should never again doubt the usefulness of your gift.


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To: D'Ancato, Marie; de la Rocha, Manuel; Gavin, Jacob; Morlocke, Sarah; Starsmore, Jono; Shaw, Shinobi; Yoshida, Shiro
From: Frost, Emma
Subject: Auntie Emma's party favor

There's going to be a little Hellfire event at Selene's place this Saturday, which will see both Shinobi and Manuel inducted into the club, as is their right by blood. Sarah, I understand you'll be attending as Shinobi's guest for the evening. Manuel, you'll need to select a guest as well. Let me know who you're going to ask, so I can add their name to the list.

I've also managed to secure a couple of extra tickets, so Shiro and Jono, I'd like you both to attend if possible. I think you'd both appreciate the evening. I'll put the ticket in Shiro's name, and Jono, you can be his guest.

Marie, I've also got a ticket for you. I've been told you need a night out, and this should do the trick. Besides, with this many students attending, I think it's appropriate to have the faculty represented in good number. If you could choose another teacher to take as your guest, I'd appreciate it. No-one too uptight or boring, though, dear.

Dress is smart and formal. But it's the Hellfire Club, so you can be a little outré if you desire.

That's everything. If you have any questions, just ask.



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