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[1/5] Bonjour. I saw that you had posted to the journals.
[2/5] Do not burn everything down, merci.
[3/5] Also, I am living on Topaz's couch.
[4/5] Mostly, it is to make sure she eats things that are good for her.
[5/5] And I am glad you have returned.
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To: [Infantry]
CC: [Archer], [Pryde]
Subject: Santa Anna Business

We are saddened to here of your unfortunate weakness concerning green rocks. We have heard from second hand sources that you were inquiring about our own health by comparison. While I am delighted that your weakness has given you cause to look for better role models, I would advise against trying to emulate me on a physical level.

It is better to have goals you can reach, Miss Hayes.

Atlantean stock has always been more superior to your human base. Let Us both enjoy that the universe still feels fit to give this fact a chance to shine. Mister Barton and Miss Pryde are more aware of the baseline of my superiority, if you would like to enlighten yourself further.

Warm Regards,
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A bottle of her favorite wine and a mini personalized birthday cake with a belated birthday card that reads "Sorry for the delay (work sucks), hope the goodies make up for it. --Jean"
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1. You guys up for a trip into the city? Like, now?
2. Got a case that needs to be secured quickly. Might be some corporate experimentation on mutants involved.
3. Need computer records as well.
4. Meet me in the garage if you can.
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To: [Colbert, Marie-Ange]
Cc: [Archivist (Pryde, Katherine)]
Subject: A Requisition of Service

To the Lady Colbert,

I have been encouraged to document some of My Past by Kate Pryde. I seek to requisition the skills of an artist by the right of privilege this military state's Sefton has bestowed upon my position. You are apparently the best this "Xavier's" has to offer, so nothing else will do. We will meet soon to discuss.


Probably being a jerk,

Note: This is a signature made by Clint Barton. I apologize for this man's actions, and would encourage you to punch him. He learns best this way.
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[1/2] Happy Easter. Do you want to go into the city to get drunk with Gabriel and me?
[2/2] You can invite whomever you like. It is a bar hop. Because it is Easter, oui?

Text to JP

Jan. 23rd, 2016 06:11 pm
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This is just to say )
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[1/3] There is a Canadian passed out on the floor of the kitchen. How do I tell if he's drunk or just unconscious?

[2/3] Do you think I should eat this chicken he left? It's kind of a shame to let it spoil.

[3/3] It smells really good. I mean, really good.
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So apparently a lot more people are coming than I had planned. Would you mind helping me keep an eye on Sara? I didn't expect her to meet so many mansion folks...especially the colorful ones, so she might get a little, well, Sara-y.
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I swear if Fox News got any more anti-mutant they'd just start handing out pitch forks at their press conferences and telling people to have at it.
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[1/2] I am going out tonight, I do not know when I will be back.
[2/2] Please do not appear through the wall if you hear something from my room. Merci.
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I've been up so many hours I don't know what time it is. You awake?
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You still owe me a beer sometime, Kane. Don't forget.


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