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To: Xavier, Charles; Wisdom, Peter; Dayspring, Nathan; LeBeau, Remy; Summers, Scott
From: Marko, Cain
Subject: A favor

I'm going to ask this one time. You guys are the experts. I know enough to stay the hell out of your way when you plan your little secret agent shindigs, or go braintripping all over the country to find your lost sheep, or dig through whatever gutters you have to when you need information. That's not what I'm good at, and I know this.

You can't hit Lensherr back for Saturday. Any one of you makes a move on him, you risk bringing him back here and bringing all sorts of shit down on this house. You should know by now that's something I won't tolerate. I know you guys can find him - once you do, all I ask is you point me in his direction.

I'm not looking to take any active part in your little team sports or other reindeer games. I want this guy to go down, and I want him to go down hard. Hard enough to where he ever even thinks about this place again, he'll run scared.

All I'm asking is you give me a shot at him.

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From: Doe, Jane
To: Bartlett, Madelyn
Subject: Alison

Since Alison can't hurt me when I am in my cloud form and since I am a telepath in that state anyway and can't make sound and all, just float about and watch over her... can I visit? It would make me feel better. And if there is anything I can do to helpout, I would be greatful if you would tell me. I really want to help.

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To: [encrypted]
From: [encrypted]
Subject: status

C - No follow-up planned. Target abandoned for now. Will try and advise if situation changes. Apologies. Q.


Nov. 8th, 2004 09:43 pm
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To: [Xavier, Charles], [All Staff]
From: [LeBeau, Remi]

First, it would be nice if the e-mail mask at least spelled my name right.

After chatting with M. Wisdom, and in light of the recent attack by your arch-psychopath, I think it's best that I take a brief trip to Europe to see what remains of my old contacts. Shake some bushes and see what comes out. If this Lensherr is pulling in the kind of materials you've spoken about, that means military and underworld connections. Which is another way of saying someone in Eastern Europe is making a living off of being in the know about it. If I get anything major, I'll call back at once.

Lorna's going to be coming with me for part of the cover. We'll be back Thursday night. If anyone needs anything, let me know.

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From Beeper: MacTaggart, Moira
Recipient: Team; Medical
Source, Room: Braddock, Elizabeth
Message: X-Team Member down. Unconscious, no sign of outward injury. Requesting assistance.
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"I'm guessing it's all go there, or one of yeh would have got the phone.  Just in case anyone's panicing.  I've got Theresa and Kyle with me, we're on our way back.  Didn't want to keep them hanging about there in case...  Well, yeh know, in case, and figured the getting them away by car was safer than chancing the plane.  They're both shaken, but we're all alive.  See yeh soon." 


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