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Dear Medusa,

I know that the situation has worsened; the morning news showed the riot in Smichov. I hope that you and the members of Elpis are safe. What is the current state of things? I know that you will do everything that you can to help. It appears that the teachers here will not be attiring themselves in their leather outfits; their offer of help has been rejected by the Czech government.

With love and concern,

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To: [old man]
From: [tiger]
Subject: so I was flying Aeroflot back from Moscow...

(Stop laughing at me, it was the only thing available when I wanted to come back.) Anyway, I wound up with a layover of eight hours in Prague of all places before the El Al flight back home. So rather than sitting around in Ruzyne airport I went out to get lunch in the city. I found this nice little cafe that appears to cater to expats, which meant I could eavesdrop with relative freedom - because fuck knows I don't speak a word of Czech.

I have a point. Really. Appears they've had some unrest in the city since Buckethead's claim of responsibility for San Diego. Did you know Prague had a 'mutant town'? I didn't. I guess the climate's been turning pretty nasty, nightly Nasty Incidents and all, and it can't be blamed entirely on human bigots, either. Buckethead has fans over here, and scuttlebutt at my cafe has it that they're operating out of the neighborhood in question.

Might be something we want to keep an eye on. I mean, I know the Czech Republic's not a prime target for our kind of work, but they're not far removed from some of the Eastern European countries that are. Stuff that happens here could have ramifications elsewhere. Or something like that. Shut up.


PS: Still broken-brained?


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