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from: Megan Gwynn
to: Dr. Jean Grey

Hi Dr. Grey,

I've been meaning to call the Medlab, but keep forgetting until it's late. I was hoping to make an appointment to get my dust checked. I need to find out if it's been changed by demon magic. I have a small magic power now, and when I was using it against Dweller it seemed it was harder to keep my dust from surfacing. That might have been because I was focusing so hard on the magic with a different part of my brain, but I'm not sure.

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Hey. It is Tandy. New Phone. May I ask you for a favor?
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To: [Sefton, Amanda]
From: [Haller, David]
Subject: ...

First, Scott posted something to the effect that you and Snow Valley helped bail out Namor and the girls. So thank you. I'll check on them all as soon as they're back. Is there anything I should know?

Secondly: I can safely say I never dealt with any of this until I started teaching at Xavier's. What is it about the student body that attracts them and why are there so many motherfucking demons?

Sorry. Just had to get that out of my system.

David Haller
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To: [Sefton, Amanda]
From: [Reyes, Cecilia]

It will probably be hours before this gets through, but:

What the hell is even happening right now? And do you need me anywhere?

P.S. Everything old is new again. Or something.

Sent from my iPhone

SMS to Doug

Aug. 4th, 2014 06:00 pm
[identity profile] x-wallflower-.livejournal.com
To: [Doug]

From: [Laurie]

Not sure if this will get through, but I'm fine, with my Dad. You okay? Where are you?
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Mr Bowen was aprehended by Federal Agents a few minutes ago in Paris. It looks like he was trying to get to you but you should be safe now.

I'm sorry to cut short your vacation but we don't know how he got there and who else he might have been working with. SHIELD believes you're safe now but we'd feel a lot happier if you were on your way home. There are two tickets waiting for you at the airport for the morning flight back to New York. We'll be waiting for you outside the gate.

Scott Summers
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Girls, Tandy's Father woke up from his coma and escaped federal custody and disappeared. We don't know where he is and don't want to risk a repeat of last time so I need you to quickly get somewhere where he can't just drag you off without being seen and wait for me. I'm powering up the Blackbird now and will be over to pick you up as soon as possible.
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On August 3rd, Nathan Tyler, 44, escaped SHIELD custody this morning as he was being transferred. Tyler had been in a year and half long coma after killing his ex-wife, Fashion Guru Melissa Carlisle and her husband Phillip and kidnapping his only daughter, Tandy Bowen. The circumstances around his coma are unknown.

The vehicle that was transporting Tyler was found at the side of the road with two more casualties just outside of the state lines of New York. The authorities are asking the public for any information regarding Tyler and if you see him do not approach. Tyler is extremely dangerous and use caution if spotted.


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