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to: [Lennox, Morgan]
from: {LeBeau, Remy]


Turned up some faces for SIROCCO. See if you can shake out any information with the people you're in touch with in the city. If we can find out who's providing support, it might give away the whole plot.


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To: [Maximoff, Wanda]
From: [Gavin, Jake]
Subject: Have Arrived

D'you know what sucks about intercontinental flights? I can't sleep on them anymore, because I don't want Agnes Nutter* sitting next to me to start screaming the moment she realises my arm's gone missing. Before I came to New York, I'm not sure when the last time I didn't sleep on a flight was. It's become a reflex or something.

I'm not as cranky as I sound. Well, maybe a little. I lost my watch--I think I forgot to take it off when I went to sleep last night, which means it's somewhere in the bed. Would you keep an eye out for it?

Anyway, I have checked into the hotel and no one's tried to kill me yet. I should probably take that as a good sign.


*Why yes, I did re-read Good Omens on the plane, why do you ask?
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to: [North, David], [Lee, Jubilation], [Lennox, Morgan], [Gavin, Jacob]
from: [LeBeau, Remy]

title: The Erfurt International Symposium on Mutation

As some of you may know, there's a big symposium being held in Germany, sponsored by Lilandri Neramani, brother to the Prime Minister of India. She's apparently a big name in International Relations, and her academic credentials are part of the draw.

If you've been paying attention, we're sending Marie-Ange, Mark, and Doug to represent the Snow Valley cover, along with Emma. Big names are going to be there, like Professor Xavier. One of the other big name is William Bastion, the former UN Ambassador for the US. There's the potential for trouble.

Vazhin's asked to arrange a secure meeting with me tomorrow to discuss potential 'complications', which does not encourage me. In case there is something involving this conference, I want to be able to keep information need to know for now, so that the others aren't put in a position to risk our Snow Valley cover unless it's absolutely necessary. I want you all to do some digging on the conference itself, just in case. Layouts of the hotel, backgrounds on any potential risks attending, all of it. I know it's a waste of time if Vazhin's hints turn out to be something minor, but I'd rather be ready.

Jake, dig out a clean cover identity. I'm sending you to Erfurt tomorrow. I want you to start making contacts at the hotel and conference hall, and if you turn up any rumours, send them back. The rest of you, Friday morning in the conference room. I'll be back from Russia by then, and we'll touch base about what, if anything, this is.



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