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To: [Jim]
From: [Moira]
Subject: How is everything?

How're you and Marie-Ange doing? And what, exactly, was going on in there? We've seen her powers flare up but never like this.

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To: [Jim]
CC: [Charles]
Subject: I know it's late...

But can you come down to the Medlabs? Charles and I need a hand taking a look at Marie-Ange and peeking inside that very complex brain of hers so we can hopefully get to the root of the problem. Running it's course is one thing but I'm starting to get worried that this will have some lasting damage.

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To: [Amanda]
From: [Angie]
Subject: I am so confused.

Dr. MacTaggart says the images everyone has been seeing are my doing, even if I am not aware of it. Which has me so very confused. I have not had images go out of my control in years, and even when they did, it was very small, and never so real that people could mistake them for real people.

I am going to go lie down and try not to think about this. I do not need any more powers issues. I may have to take a pass on dinner this week if this continues. I am not sure that going out is wise until this passes.

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To: [Moira]
From: [Kitty]
Subject: Visions

I guess you can add me to the list of people who're seeing stuff, too. Not really something I want to talk about, but what do you need to know?

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To: [Angie]
From: [Dr.M]
Subject: Can you come down here?


I think I've figured out the source of whatever is going on and it's all pointing towards your powers. Since you went clubbing last night and haven't come by, I'm assuming that it's been something you haven't noticed.

I just need to run some tests.

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To: [ . . . ]
From: [Admittedly impressed]
Subject: About those hallucinations last night

I now find it within myself to harbor some small sympathy, because in absolute violation of every law of God and man I could swear I just saw you and our favourite headmistress locked in what could only be termed "passionate embrace" on my way to Medlab. The sort that ends you with an intimate knowledge of the other party's last dining experience.

While I am well aware we're to report all such sightings to Dr. Moira, this did not strike me as an appropriate talking point.

Still, figment of a clearly deranged imagination or not . . . nice one.
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From: Logan
To: Wagner, Kurt
Subject: You ... but not you.

You and Hank happen to have a love-child I don't know about? Just saw the damndest thing - blue girl, looked like you and the furball's love-child, tried to steal my hat. Knocked it off the rack and onto the floor. Teleported through the door, then her and some little girl who looked like somebody's decided to bitch-clone me took off down the hall.

Not real, of course. No scent, no heartbeat. Figure it was someone's idea of a joke.

Just thought you should know.

Whoever's joke it was, it ain't funny and I ain't laughing. I'll see if I can flush 'em out.
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To: [Charles]
From: [Moira]
Subject: Confused


You know, it's been a while. When I last hallucinated, it had been after four days straight of no sleep, a full bottle of Scotch and possibly the result of the eggs being off. And even then, it'd been a hallucination of small, green alien dogs invading my labs and trying to drink my Scotch.

Something that clearly screamed: "Hi, I'm your subconscious' desire to go to sleep. So please go to sleep before the wee green alien dogs eat your head".

Needless to say, )


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