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To: [Xavier, Charles]
From: [Grey, Jean]
Subject: Update


We have managed to secure allies in two of the mutant Genoshan Commission members. They have agreed to help us get a message to the Genoshan people about what members of their government are really doing to its mutant population and those who oppose them. I don't think most of the Genoshans are truly aware of what's going on.

We will be going to one of the national broadcast stations tomorrow to get the two Commission members on the air along with some video that was obtained of the mutate process. Hopefully this will bring some good.

I need to go. Can't stay here long. I'll check in again as soon as I can.

I hope you're well.

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to: [Xavier, Charles]
from: [Kane, Garrison]

subject: Genosha


I don't know how long we'll have a secure connection to contact you on, but there's a group of us that have gone to ground in Hammer Bay, Genosha's capital. My father managed to shake us loose some resources that aren't connected to the mansion, so we should be able to lay low for a while safely.

I've attached a file that has some disponsible cell phone numbers that you and any one else who got out can use to contact us. I'm pretty sure another large group got away. If they're in the position to fight back, we can coordinate another attempt to rescue those who are in the prison in the Citadel.

We think that we might have an angle on how to push back against Genosha. The people are disconnected with the government's mutate program. Most I don't think know it really exists. If we can get some information out, maybe stir up some civil unrest, maybe we can force the GDF to commit more resources trying to keep order, and open a window during which we can hit them.

I don't know how good the odds are, but we decided that we're not going home until we've got everyone with us.



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