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To: [Marie], [Marie-Ange], [Adrienne], [Morgan], [Doug], [Wanda], [Amara], [Jane], [XF Sarah], [Jubilee]

From: [Amanda]

Subject: News

So, something's come up that people should probably know about, only I don't know how to say it without people thinking it's a big hairy deal, and I know Ange probably won't say anything either since he's Silent Stoic Type, so, I figured I'd just tell you lot and you can do what you like about it.

Ange and I aren't a couple any more.

We're still friends and always will be, but we realised that we weren't really there in the couple sense, that we'd moved on. Maybe because we don't need each other so much, I don't know. But yeah, we're going our own ways in that sense. I won't deny it's a bit weird-feeling but there's no need for ice cream or angry friends or the rest, but I figured you ought to know before someone put their foot in their mouth or something.


To: [John]
From: [Amanda]

Subject: Your roomie

You might already know, but Ange and I broke up. Make sure he doesn't mope in his room too much?


To: [Manuel]
From: [Amanda]

Subject: Since you'll hear any way...

Ange and I aren't a couple any more. We're still friends, tho', so no gloating or bagging him out.

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To:[Our Hero?]
From:[Damsel in Distress #1]
CC:[Damsel in Distress #2]
Subj: Death Toaster

Hi Kyle! :)

Our toaster died a great flamey death and we need another one, please. And also maybe a new fire extinguisher. :) :) :)

Thank you! :)

Jane :)
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To: [you]
From: [me]

Subject: Spain

I was going to suggest this week, but since Morgan's taken off, I'm guessing you've got the self-defence class on your own. I'll get Doug to help me with the computer side of things for a bit longer and we can take that trip later, yeah?


To: [cloudy]
From: [trouble]

Subject: Gossip?

You, me, a trip to the Salem Center ice cream place and that gossip session you were mentioning? Today?

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A small box addressed to Catseye is left outside the suite door. Inside are a couple packages of high-test organic catnip. No additional note is enclosed.
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To: [ the one who is not here ]
From: [ the one who is gonna burst ]
Subject: GOSSIP! :D

You're not here! You're not here and I have SO MUCH STUFF TO TELL YOU. :D I know you're doing something important, but I hope you can kick butt fast and come back soon. This is definitely hot-fudge-sundae-with-sprinkles stuff! :D

Jane :D
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To: [ Bossman ]
From: [ Lowly Employee ]
Subject: Can I go to work yet?

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To: [Jane]
From: [Amanda]

Subject: Checking up.

You doing okay after yesterday? Brain okay? Let me know if I have to go crack some heads over at Nascor.

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From: [Anon]
To: [J. Doe]
Subject: Information

Name: Mirabelle Azure Hemmings
Birthdate: 10/23/1987
Born: New Hope Health and Science Center, East Eden, Vermont
Mother: Linda Taylor Hemmings
Father: David Hemmings

Don't come back.
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To: [ Amanda ]
From: [ Jane ]
Subject: Wanna go out for Ice Cream?

I kinda want to talk to you about stuff. Can we meet up for ice cream somewhere?

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To: Nathan and Angelo
From: Jane
Re: Guatemala and Kosovo

Hey there! :)

So recent events have made it pretty clear to me that I have absolutely no clue what to do with myself when I'm being attacked by werejaguars and crazy ladies and men with machine guns and that that might make me something of a danger to other people being attacked by werejaguars and crazy ladies and men with machine guns because I can't help them and they may need to help me. I mean, search and (non-deadly) rescue is cool. First aid? I'm awesome. Beating up bad guys? Not so much. Red X training doesn't cover that. So either you guys need to stop sending me on trips where there are werejaguars, crazy ladies and men with machine guns, (which I guess means I need to move out of the mansion and stay away from the brownstone,) or I need to get trained up. Any ideas?

Thanks! :) :) :)

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To: [Dr. Grey-Summers]
From: [Jane]
Subject: Memory loss and recovery

Hi Dr. Grey-Summers,

I've been having a lot of weird deja vu and memory stuff, and I'm starting to get a little freaked out. (And I'm not sure whether or not to be good freaked out of bad freaked out.) Could I make an appointment to come down and get looked at?

Thank you!

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To: [Tommy]
From: [Jane]
Subject: Gilded spatulas.

Hi Tommy! :)

I don't know if you saw it in my journal but there's going to be a bake off this weekend and I was wondering if it would be possible to have you gild a spatula for me with gold to use as a prize? Laurie suggested that I ask. :) I'd be happy to pay you for the work. :) Please let me know if this would be something you're cool with. :)

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Subject: Cessily

Just a quick note to let folks knows that we've found Cessily and she's doing okay. In case you hadn't heard, she and Jay were searching for people earlier today when their boat capsized. She somehow ended up pretty far away from where she went in and is pretty shaken up by the whole thing. She's with the med team being checked out. (Jay is also doing fine.) I know a lot of people were concerned about her, so if you could pass the word along that she's been located that would be great.
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To: [miss jane]
From: [yvette]

Subject: Thank you!

Dear Miss jane,

I am finding your present. Thank you very much! I am very glad the paper was jumping into the cart. I will have to find something very pretty to make for you. :)


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A bag containing a good-sized pack of origami paper has been hung on the doorknob of her room.

Miss Y,
There was a huge sale at the art store today and these demanded to be taken home. Totally climbed into my cart all on their own. I thought maybe you could use them? :)
-Miss J
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To: [Running Buddy]
From: [Gimpy]
Subject: I'm Back!

Y'wanna start training for that marathon again? I've received the all-clear on the knee and I'm really missing the thrill.
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To: [Miss World]
From: [Miss Bumpkin]
Subj: Question :)

I know I'm a little sheltered, but could you please explain to me what a fetish club is without scarring me more than the Internet would if I looked it up? Not that I'm saying you have any direct experience with fetish clubs, but I figured that you would know because you're a bit more cosmopolitan and all.

Also? I think the new chick with the white hair is like THIS SIDE of offering to be my guide through the land of BDSM and I am not sure how we got there, nor do I think I want to go. HELP.

Sorry if this is WAY TMI. I just totally needed to freak out at someone. :)

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To: [Jane]
From: [Tabitha]

You mentioned wanting to join me in Marathon training, o naked one? This afternoon, about two o'clock, basketball court. That good for you? We can see where we are and where we have to go.


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