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To: [Grey-Summers, Jean]
From: [McCoy, Henry]
Subject: [New Danger Room Scenario]

Dear Jean,

With the help of Angelo Espinosa I have finished programming the new Danger Room scenario that you requested- recreating the recent mission to Los Angeles, specifically the portion which took place in the mirror maze. It took a month's worth of adjustment on some tech, which failed spectacularly I must add, to find the right way to generate the desired power dampening effect. The original design for the program used modified inhibitor collars to create a dampening field (similar to those dampeners used in some major hospitals). When that failed, I went back to the drawing board and came to the conclusion that I must be getting old.

The arrived at solution was to have the targeting program (which I'm naming TagTech) deliver a small adhesive patch with a micro-charger unit embedded within the material. The patch needs a special solvent to remove it which is only found at the end of the maze (or, of course, within the MedLab). Like the power inhibitors, it scans for the presence of an X-Gene, but instead of inhibiting the ability by releasing energy of it's own, it simply gives a very mild electrical shock whenever there is activity within that part of the brain. This will use short term Pavlovian conditioning toward finding solutions out of the maze without the use of mutant abilities.

I'd like to run a training session with you and several members of your choosing with the following parameters:

File Name: Beast 10012.4
Mission Outcome: Work cooperatively toward exiting the maze after reaching four checkpoints without any team members being tagged and depowered.
Acceptable Losses: Half the team getting depowered.

Please let me know when your squad is assembled and we'll see to it that you are finally given a challenge within the chambers below the mansion.

Sincerest Regards,


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