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To: [Alison]
From: [Lorna]
Subject: I can't explain. )

To: [Forge]
From [Lorna]
Subject: Florida )

To: [Cyclops], [Storm], [Dazzler]
From: [Dane, Lorna]
Subject: What he knows. )

To: [Professor Xavier]
From: [Dane, Lorna]
Subject: Meeting )

To: [Samson, Leonard]
From: [Dane, Lorna]
Subject: Your help. )
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to: [Gavin, Jake], [Braddock, Betsy]
from: [LeBeau, Remy]

Alright Jake, you're now officially free.

Betts, it's over for me. I'm not going to get into a long complicated explaination. I just can't keep sending people to die for no reason. If we're not going to be smart, then I'm not ready to risk anyone but myself. Maybe I'm the one that's gone soft. It would make for a good joke.

I need one last favour. I've got your info, and I might know where Lorna and Forge can be found. Before I leave for good, I'm going to bring both of them home. I've left a file on information I need you to run down while I'm on the road.

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To: [X_Staff]
From: [The kid with nothing to do]

So, now that I'm back and it's past time to late sign up for local community college classes, I have nothing to do.

Right so, anbody need help with anything? I'd really like to keep busy if I could, but if ya got nothing, I understand.

Just thought I'd try.


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From: de Guzeman, Manuel
To: Medical Staff
Subject: This is probably outside your expertise...

But I was wondering if any of you have any vetrinary expertise?

Amanda's - no, _my_ lizard Frank is acting quite oddly. He won't eat, he behaves oddly, and even what he has that passes for emotions just don't feel right.

He scratched Amanda the other day, and he's _never_ done that before.

So ... can any of you look at him? If not, that's fine, I'll see if I can make an appointment with a vet and get him checked out that way. But if we can keep this in-house, I'd prefer to.

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To: Summers, Alex
From: Yoshida, Shiro
Subject: I have nothing clever to put here

Nor do I have any idea what to say. I'm sorry. If it will help any, I'll fill you in on any X-Men-related information I get that doesn't get to you.

We'll find her, safe. We actually have a good record of that.

Be safe, my friend.

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To: [Scott]
From: [Jean]
Subject: ...

I fully understand you going all cold, but you do not get to shut me out simply because she's being a hysterical child.

She's wrong.

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To: [footloose and fancy free]
From: [trouble]

Subject: Off again?

If I'd known you were going to be gone again, I would have used your bed last night and not the couch. Ah well.

Stay safe.



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