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From: MStorm@gmail.ltv
To [Storm, Sue]

Subject: Favor

Sue, darling, it's been a while. I hope you and your brother are keeping well. Life has been so exciting for me since we last talked! We should catch up some time. In fact, I will be in America this weekend and we should meet. I am positive you have so much to catch me up on.

I am so, so sorry for vanishing on you this long! Work has just kept me so busy, and you understand how geniuses get when focused. I ended up being head-hunted by a multinational corporation who wanted to fund my research! So it was off to Europe I went. I barely had a chance to breath, let alone send you or your brother a message while I was setting up my lab.

By the time I was set up, well, I'm afraid I didn't know what to say.

But the research! With the resources they gave me, it was like a tap had opened and over night all of dreams had just come together. I started looking at ancient civilizations and at what we could learn from them. Your father, while brilliant in his way, never understood what we could learn from the ancients. What I discovered surpassed even my wildest expectations. I found references to a civilization that was thousands of years more advanced than we are even now. Imagine the resources to be found in its libraries, the secrets hidden in their vaults, or the DNA we might decode from that, by all accounts, was a superior species?

Why toil for centuries when a shortcut to enlightenment might lie right under our feet? The secrets of the ancient world could be our's for the taking.
Only the idiots who run America refused to share anything with the scientific community, and so I had to find better business partners. My team found an artifact, but the US military seized it and have it hidden in Alaska. Think of all the benefits! All the potential! Everything they are squandering away in storage instead of sharing with mankind.
My employer has kept me up to date with your...extracurricular activities and I don't know who else to go to. I'm proud of you for looking outside the box like this and forging your own way, just...don't get hurt darling. Wear a jacket.

I need your help now and only your help, darling.

I need you to get me that artifact so that my employers can secure it in Europe. Here, out of the reach of the US, we can share it's technologies with the world instead of hiding it away because small-minded idiots are too scared to find out we are not alone.

I have attached the location and some initial scientific findings that should peak your interest. You take after me in so many ways, afterall. I look forward to meeting you on Sunday so we can celebrate this accomplishment together.


Mary Storm


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