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The loudspeakers in the Citadel come to life:

"Attention citizens. This is President David Moreau. It is my sad duty to inform you that the Citadel has been overrun by foreign terrorists under the orders of the mass murderer Magneto. This attack comes in the wake of his false broadcast implicating GDF forces in the murder of two Commission members, and the destruction of the Prenova geothermal plant. I am invoking martial law and urge all commanders are ordered to hold their sectors and report back to emergency command under Minister Thomas Moreau.

The terrorists have targeted Genoshan mutants, and intend to kidnap them from brainwashing in Magneto's genocidal anti-mutant agenda. Even now, they plan to subjugate Genosha as a new mutant homeland, and all Genoshan humans will be enslaved under foreign mutant masters. GDF forces are fighting back heroically, and I call on all Genoshans to resist these invaders as strongly as you can. Genosha would rather die free and proud than live as slaves.

To the terrorist who have attacked us, I will give you one last chance. Surrender to Genoshan authorities and you will not be mistreated. Continued resistance will give me no option but to order GDF forces offer no quarter with you. We will not get what you came for.

The environmental suits that our Genoshan mutants wear contains a small explosive device at the base of the spine, designed as an absolute last option in the event of a catastrophic powers accident. The explosive is small, but quite capable of killing the mutant instantly. At the highest levels, we have formulated a secret, horrible and feared plan called the X-Tinction Protocal, in the event that terrorists seized Genoshan mutants for exactly the purposes that these terrorists and Magneto seek. History may judge me a monster, but I will not give innocent Genoshan mutant citizens over to Magneto to turn into an army of mindless conscripts in his war of conquest. If you do not end this attack and surrender, I will detonate the explosive device on every mutant in the country.

There will not be another warning. God forgive what I must do, and I alone take responsibility. Genosha and the world will not fall to mutant domination because of today! The line is drawn here! God have mercy on us all."


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