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To: [Wilson, Wade]
From: [Grey, Jean]
Subject: Request


You know our discussion about potentially needing your help regarding the mercenary business? I'd like to call a favor on that if you have the time. A few months ago I stole some information from Warren's company. Apparently the tech I used to steal it with was copied and sold to someone else. Biotech, the subsidiary company thinks I did it so they sent someone to kill me.

Obviously they failed, but now I'm a little concerned about leaving the mansion and extremely worried about my family in case they try again and go after my sister for an easier target.

The guy's name was Crossfire. He seemed to be a modified human as far as I could tell. I only managed to get the basics when I got a glimpse into his mind. Would you mind looking into him and see what you could find?

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WW says he's got a job for us. Tomorrow usual place.
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So. Anyone up for some recon? My lovelies got me some interesting info. I'll bring it along.

yay or nay?
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To: Warren Worthington
From: Lorna Dane
Subject: Interview with Julia Franklin
Attachement: J.Franklin_interview_07142015.aud

Hey Warren,

I just got out of the interview with Julia Franklin and learned a few more interesting things. Mostly regarding the anti-mutant security measure that was created in separate labs ‎. I have enclosed the audio recordings I took during the interview so you can have the whole story. Let me know if there is anything else you would like.

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Lorna, Warren
I did a little digging into who leaked the item's information and I hit pay dirt. It seems that a Biotech technician, Julia Franklin, leaked the information. Lornda, do you think you can set up an interview, maybe find out more? I've included all of her information as an attachment.
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To [Worthington, Warren]
From: [Storm, Susan]

Subject: Information

I've talked to my contacts and done some digging of my own. It turns out you weren't the only company who was hit. Turns out two other companys have lost a major new tech component before you and it looks like one more company was hit around the same time as you. They're keeping quite hush hush about it. You have no idea what I had to do to even get that much information.

I've attached everything I've gathered to this e-mail.

I'll keep looking but it looks like there is a thief out there targetting tech companies. I'm gonna tell my dad to bump up our security.

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SAN DIEGO — A key component of Biotech Ltd.'s rolling out plan, an aerosol scanner intended for use at airports, went missing yesterday.

Worthington Industries acquired Biotech in early 2015 in an attempt to expand their technological sectors, and in a move that raised investors's concerns, invested heavily in the fledgling organization.

"We are always excited when a new company joins the Worthington Industries family, and we are especially excited by Biotech," said Tamara Sparks, the company's spokeswoman, earlier this year. "Although a fairly new company, they are currently on the cutting-edge of genetics technology and many of the projects are very promising."

Now, less than a day after the theft, there is no official comment from Worthington Industries, although it is clear that investors are noticing the crime. Shares on the company dropped several points today, and financial experts are predicting it will continue to fall until a statement is released.

"The uncertainty and lack of communication is worrisome," Jack Stewart, professor of economics at New York University, stated. "This is not usual behavior for Worthington Industries, and if it continues, investors will wonder if the leadership is hiding something bigger than a theft."

More as this story unfolds.


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