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To: [Moira]
From: [Nathan]
Subject: we're here

We landed in Srinagar about an hour ago. The hotel knew we'd be arriving late so the rooms were ready as soon as we got here, and Angelo's just done a faceplant onto his bed. I don't think I'll try and rouse him. Sleeping in his clothes won't hurt him, although I should probably go relieve him of his shoes.

The drive to the hotel was beautiful. All the lights from the houseboats on the Dal Lake at night... I'd forgotten how beautiful Kashmir was. I can't wait to wake up to the Himalayas in the morning.

Just wish you were here to see it. Kiss the munchkin for me? I'll talk to you in a few days.


PS: I am so bringing you a rug.
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To: [Ororo]
From: [Nathan]
Subject: favor?

I finally lined up a meeting late tomorrow afternoon with the New York representative of an NGO who might be able to give me some information on - well, remember that little mystery in Kashmir I mentioned to you after our Danger Room session earlier this week? I'd run into a wall with my own research and made some phone calls. One finally panned out.

What I was hoping was that you could take Rachel for a few hours. I know you'd mentioned something about wanting to introduce her to the greenhouse. Moira's likely to be working like a madwoman down in the labs, and while I could get one of the kids, Ray likes you and responds well to you. And there's been enough tension in the air these last few days... well, let me know.

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To: [nate@xxx.xxx.xxx]
From: [gw@xxx.xxx.xxx]
Subject: checking in

Need to be quick - found a camp outside Bukavu, abandoned within the last few days. Have a couple of leads we're following up but not sure if they'll pan out. Lots of frustration here, Nash and his people especially. Might head for Kinshasa if we don't come up with anything and catch a few days rest. Either way, I'll check back in soon.

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To: [angelo]
From: [nathan]
Subject: all right...

Getting back to sleep after the 4am feeding was not an option, for a few reasons, so I figured I might as well make use of the time. I sorted through some of the yearly progress reports from the NGOs we were looking at this week and I think, based on some of the things they've been doing, that we want to know more about some of their donors. I've attached a list - see if you can dig up basic contact information and any additional publicly available details for all the people and companies on it.

Right now, I suppose I've got to go get ready for the fair. Are you coming?


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